any dodge experts out there"Dodge Man" know the answer to this question?

I've a 96 3.3 intrepid and the speedo goes crazy even when it sits in park or idling at a stop but it originally didn't do this often but now it does it a lot and it can kick or buck sometimes when you try to accelerate when the speedo gauge is flickering.

Can anyone give me the full reasons or examples of what could cause this type of very frustrating problem?I've tried changing the comps and nothing changed regardless if PCM,TCM,BCM and also I switched the speed sensors with sensors that were working in another exactly the same car and transmission. Lately I tried the TPS and still the speedo goes crazy , plus I've tried the cluster assembly have a different one in it now and still the problem exists.

Anybody have a full diagram of the TPS and of the speed sensors and any circuits they think can cause such issues?

Wouldn't or shouldn't the PCM pick up any codes if it was a sensor problem?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated and please offer details thanx all.


Also important bit of info is it doesn't do this when its just warming up , it gets to the normal operating temp then you see or notice the speedo going nuts on and off lol

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    Not sure if this will help, but if you go to and register a user name, it's free, they will give you access to wiring diagrams for your specific model. I looked at your model, the diagrams are there. Once you sign up and are logged in paste this address ( ) into your browser it'll take you right to it. I am not sure if these schematics will help but it may be a start to chasing this issue down. Good Luck

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    Out put or input speed sensor, transmission shifting erratically due to the wrong reading of the sensors, remove the sensors and read the resistance, should be around 2500 ohms, a bad sensor usually has an open circuit, good luck

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  • This could be a problem with your transmission. Both problems could be in it's wiring, obvioiusly the speedo comes from there, and it could be locking up the transmission at the wrong time. I'm not to familiar with newer cars though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    do it right take it to a mechanic

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