What should I do about my distressed friend?

A family friend from Vancouver moved in with us here in Calgary to go to school. He is staying temporarily at our house till he finds a place to stay for good for his schooling. He has been staying at our house for 4 days now. The problem is ever since he started staying with us, he has been really weird. Sometimes he is all sad and he just crys suddenly and unexpectedly. Then after that he back to his wacky funyn self. Then after he is all serious and stares at nothing. His mom told me beforehand that he is kinda depressed about his girlfriend, about him having no direction in life, stuff like that. We were just chatting last night about these stuff because he wanted to talk to someone, well he has asking me for some advice. He seems alright after our small talk last night. The problem is this morning, he woke me up saying that hes leaving. He is somewhat agitated and aggressive so I stayed back and tried to talk to him about staying, but he really wants to leave. The other scary thing is he held a kinda straight, smiley, very confident face when hes talking. When I ask him about where he wants to go, he said "Well that's what Im going to find out". Now he left and I tried to follow him with my car to stop him but no. I told him that I will bring him to the bus station because he doesn't know where to go. Now he's gone and I cant find him. He is 20 years old btw. And I also think that he is really kinda crazy. What should I do? Help please.

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    call his next of kin and have get the authorities involved,

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