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Yugioh: What do I keep and take out on this deck?

I need a strategic deck and cards for tradeables.

This is my deck:



Chu-ske the mouse fighter

Ryu Kokki

Dark Zebra

Vampire Lady

Lady Panther

Sonic Bird


Nightmare Penguin

One-Eyed shield dragon

Melchid the four-faced beast

Flame Viper

Gravekeeper's vassal

Fox Fire

Ryu-Kishin clown

Element Saurus

Kangaroo Champ

Spike seadra

Doma the angel of silence



The agent of creation-Venus

Magical merchant

Possesed Dark soul


Flying fish

Armored Zombie

Ancient one of the deep forest


Trap master

Rafflesia Seduction

Man-eater bug




Enchanting fitting room


Swords of revealing light

Brain control

Back to square one


x3 reinforcements

Cemetery bomb

Ultimate Offering

Nutrient Z

Mystic Probe

Skull Lair

Fatal Abacus

Armored Glass

Dark coffin

Spellbinding Circle

Chain Burst

THe paths of destiny


Rain of mercy

Dragon's gunfire

Ground collapse



Shud I get rid of the Metamorphosises because I have no fusion?

Btw im planning to get yugioh starter deck 2009 or Zombie world deck

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    There's like no theme in this deck and most of the cards are useless. It looks like you got them for free. I think you should take out everything except sword of revealing light.

    Buying deck tips:

    Don't get the 5d starter deck for junk warrior or roadwarrior. There are far by the worse deck introduce in the 5ds. There will probably be more better advance version of yusei starter deck in the future. There is a reason why they're called a starter deck. Get structure decks instead.

    I would recommend dark emperor deck or zombie world deck, if you're a starter. They're very easy to use. Get like 3 of the same structure deck to make it look good. You can look at other people's build and suggestions. You buy single cards on ebay for the ones you need to make your deck tournament worthy.

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