Cap and Trade..."cost of a postage stamp per day"..?

Doesn't the post office up their rates every couple of months? Why shouldn't I expect the same of this?

Update:, I'm trying to come up with a snappy come back, but your response just makes no sense and so I cannot.

Hey! That's like this bill, it makes no sense....there's an analogy!

I'm probably just too stupid to understand your humor, huh.

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    Cap and trade in Spain has led to a 31% increase in energy costs. It has also cost 2.2 existing jobs for every green job created. They currently have 18.1% unemployment.

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    That postage stamp argument is a big fat lie! It isn't the direct costs that will have the most devastating effect (unless a hundred dollar a month increase in your utility bill is devastating), but it's the loss of jobs that will reach into the millions when companies pull up stakes and move to other countries more friendly to businesses. I keep hearing how the efficiencies will more than make up for the costs. Before that can take place, everyone will have to have purchased all the latest "efficient" (thus more expensive) appliances which in these hard times doesn't seem likely to happen.

    We keep hearing about the hundreds of thousands of "Green" jobs that will replace those lost when companies leave in droves. First of all what is a "Green" job? What are the qualifications? Where do you apply for "Green" jobs? Bulletin: There is no such thing and even if there were, they would be few and far between. I can imagine a Green job as being a maintenance man on a wind mill or solar panel or maybe you would be forced to work in a thousand acre corn field that grows corn for ethanol? I say "forced" because there won't be any other jobs available. It doesn't take much imagination to see the future of our country after cap and trade. Unless you are Al Gore or one his political friends, you will lose your business, you will not be able to pay for your home. You will visit the soup line daily, your family will be forced to find piecemeal work, even your children. You will live in government high rises with the scum of the earth.

    If you want to survive with any dignity at all you will be forced to join Obama's Civilian Military which will be used to enforce his laws in each and every neighborhood. You will wear a uniform and be the enemy of your own people. You will have to do things to your friends and your own family that will break your heart, but at lest you will be well-fed. If you know anything about Hitler and his "brown-shirt" thugs, you know what I'm talking about.

    That is the future that Obama and his thugs have in mind for you and me. I hope all you who voted for Obama are waking up to the reality of the Marxist communist future you have in your near future.

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    I support htis, when people get really angryI look forward to the special report/breaking news on CNN as angry mobs drag obama and family from the white house and hang his beaten corpse from the white house gates. That is when I break out the Dom Perignon and salute America for taking back the nation.

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    More Obamanomics. Cap and Trade is estimated to cost the average household about 2 - 3 thousand a year. That's about a car payment.

    Read this article, by 2030, cap and trade will cost a familiy of 4, almost 7k a year..

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    the sad thing- is that the writers of this bill all have special interest in green technology- they give a darn about the working americans who are already struggling just to keep their home- this is so corrupt and will do nothing to stop global warming-

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    perhaps we shouldn't give them any new ideas on how to swindle the people out of their last dime.

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    They will

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    Didn't do well on the analogy part of the SAT, did we?

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