Any ideas on how I should train my daughter?

She is three years old and we have a two-month-old at home also, as well as a seven-year-old. I find it challenging to handle the baby and tackle potty training at the same time. However, I'm off for the summer and would like to get her using the potty before returning back to work in August. Any ideas?


Thank you, Alexandra, for your advice and not judging. :)

Update 2:

A big thanks to you as well, Dragon! :)

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    a good idea would be to put a potty chair in the room that she is in most. this will make it more convient for her. (also a kid that young doesnt care about privacy as much). Make sure to be patient and to reward her when she uses the potty but dont yell when she has an accident, sometimes kids just cant help it. You can also allow her to have some responsibility like tell her "if you go potty in the big girl potty you can help mommy make cookies" or something like that so she associates something really really awesome with going on her potty! the girls i babysit learned this way and they very rarely had accidents plus they LOVED the rewards that they got, they were soo proud! :D hope this advice helped! :D

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    My daughter is nearly three so I am starting to go through the same things as well and I can totally sympathise about the dealing with a new baby (my son is 20 months younger than her).

    A few ideas for you....

    get a toilet seat, a step and some child friendly wipes (with characters in that sort of thing).

    Pop her onthe toilet at night and when she first wakes up - don't worry if she doesn't do anything but really praise her up if she does.

    as it is summer time - let her run around with no nappy on - yes there may be some accidents but she willlearn quite quickly.

    It doesn;t have to be a potty - my daughter refuses to sit on the potty now she has a toilet seat.

    Try those training pants that actually let them feel the wetness.

    Take her shopping to let her choose some cheap big girl pants - don;t get characters yet because they cost more. It is easier to chuck soiled cheap pants away - less washing and do you really want to be carrying a poo filled pant home with you.

    Praise her up so much every time she tells you she needs a wee and if she says she needs to go - even if you know she doesn't take her anyway and sit her down - she'll fathom it eventually.

    Oh - and anyone who tells you that she is old enough to understand a "command" or "what do you mean she is still in nappies" needs to be ignored. It is extremely hard with a new baby without having a second child running around. Good luck with it and I hope she is dry soon.

    Source(s): Health Visitor held a special potty training session with us (could you ask yours if they would do the same - get a group of friends together?)
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    3 and Not potty trained?

    Tell her she is a big girl now and has to use the potty. tell her when she is completely potty trained she can have Dora or Princess Big girl panties.

    Make her go as soon as she wakes up, After drinking and just at random times when you think she might need to go...

    Its not that hard...Just tell her she needs to go.

    She is 3, She can understand a command.

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    tell her everytime she uses ther potty she will be rewaqrded and when she doesnt she wont

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