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Italian Language Help! Why is the difference between "Sto" And "Sta"?

and " é " and also "sono "

Since they all seem to mean " is " how do I know which one is appropriate when making a sentence??

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    Sto I'm doing...

    Sta he/her he/her is doing...

    (Io) STO facendo i compiti

    I'm doing my home-works

    (lui/lei) STA facendo i compiti

    he/her is doing his/her home-works

    STO and STA are written without accent mark

    e,isn't for is.

    it's è.

    Lui è gentile(he is kind)

    Lei è una brava moglie

    she is a good wife

    Il mio cane è ubbidiente

    my dog is obedient

    Vado al cinema con Mario e Silvia

    I'm going to the cinema with Mario and Silvia

    ''è'' it's to be, ''e'' is a conjunction

    Mangio pizza e bevo birra

    I'm eating pizza and drinking beer

    è and sono is to be

    io sono(I am)

    tu sei(you are)

    egli/ella è( he/her is,but you can find egli,ella,only in novels,when we speak,we say lui/lei)

    noi siamo(we are)

    voi siete(you are)

    loro sono(they are)

    io sono italiano e vivo a Roma

    I am italian,and I live in Roma

    Lui è italiano,e ha due sorelle

    he is italian,and he has two sisters


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    Sto- I am- It is used for temporary feelings

    sta- He/she is or you(formal) are-it is also used for temporary feelings

    e´- He/ she is or you(formal) are- used for long term characteristics

    sono- I am or they are-also used for long term characteristics

    Here are all the forms of stare and essere:


    Io sto

    lui/lei sta

    loro stano

    noi stiamo

    voi state

    tu stai

    tu(formal) sta


    Io sono

    lui/lei e´

    loro sono

    voi siete

    noi siamo

    tu sei

    tu(formal)- e´

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    verb stay (stare)

    (I) IO STO






    and the verb be (essere)

    (I) IO SONO

    (YOU) TU SEI

    (HE / SHE / IT) LUI / LEI / ESSO É




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