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Is there any way to get a naturally nocturnal animal to switch it's sleeping routine? (ferret)?

I've had my ferret about a week now. She's great, but as I have roommates I have to keep her in my room.

I let her out to play in the morning when I'm getting ready for work, about 1 hour (if she wakes up, she doesn't always), and then in the evening for 3-4 hours, until she falls asleep in a corner somewhere. Once she falls asleep she's out for a good long while.

Some nights she sleeps though (or maybe I just don't wake up), but other nights she wakes up about midnight and is up ALL NIGHT. I hate having her in her cage when she's so hyper, but I can't let her out while I'm asleep. She doesn't have many toys yet (they're in the mail.... ordered them off the net) and she doesn't seem to think much of any of the ones I've gotten her at the pet store except for her crinkle tunnel.. which is loud.

So if she doesn't have toys she bounces around her cage and chews the bars and makes a fuss, but with toys (the only one she likes.. her crinkle tunnel) she makes tons of noise playing with it alll night too.

Is there any way I can sort of train or teach her to sleep more though the night and play though the day? Or is my only choice to let her freak out in her cage all night? (with more toys once I get them.. any day now)... I feel so bad when she's awake all night but stuck in her cage!

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    She probably thinks that if she makes enough noise, her momma will come and let her out to have more fun! =) Don't feel bad- five hours a day is good for a ferret! Sometimes it helps if you put a big blanket over the cage so she can't see you. If she doesn't know you're there, then she doesn't know anyone is around that will let her out. If she pulls at the blanket then hook it to the cage with these paper clip things:


    Does she like treats? There are some treat balls that are great stimulation for them.



    You put treats in the ball and they have to roll the ball to get the treats out. Another thing to keep her busy are some chewy treats that she can gnaw on.



    They're pretty tough and chewy so it will keep her busy, and it might take her awhile to figure out how to get the little treats out of those toys!

    ALSO- Ferrets aren't exactly "nocturnal". They're up mostly at dusk and dawn. So if she's up all night then it's not because she's supposed to be, she just wants out! =P

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    for the toy situation, you can take care of that really cheaply. While your toys are in the mail, you can run to walmart and grab a 4$ bag of baby bath toys. Also water bottles filled with rice make great toys. Don't forget an old blanket or stuffed animal, even stuffed animals you can grab at the dollar store or at Goodwill. I personally like Goodwill because you can get soft baby blankets for really really cheep and then all you have to do is wash it, then you have a great ferret blanket!

    I have also given paper bags and plastic bags to my kids. They like to jump and crinkle on them. The plastic bags they only play with under supervision. I also have plastic painter's "cloths" that they like to play in. (I'm a painter so I use it to protect my walls and floor) A HUGE roll of it cost about 10$ at Home Depot.

    Run to petsmart and grab some Chewies (http://www.ferret.com/prodimages/P47482.jpg). What is great about those is that they cost about 5$ and you can hang them from the cage so the ferrets like to play, chew, hang, etc. on them. It is great in-cage entertainment.

    I agree with the above poster, if your ferret is up at night it means that she's bored and wants attention.

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