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Does AVON sell good Make-Up?

What is the best kind?

I think the cream-to-powder make up looks pretty good....have you tried it?

I need FULL coverage... I have bad skin and bad under eye circles, what would the best make up be? (from Avon)

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    My mom sells Avon so I obviously use it and I love it. However, I don't use Avon foundation. I only use lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, mascara etc.... I don't use foundation because it makes me break out. My dermatologist said that the two best make - up companies to buy foundation from is Clinique and Mary Kay. I can't afford Clinique so I use Mary Kay foundation and pressed powder. I have yet to break out from Mary Kay. In general Avon does sell good make - up. Hope I helped.

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    Have you tried Mark Good Riddance Hook Up Concealer for your underline circles i am an Avon eRep if you need help please send me an email and i can give you some help. I also have a free shipping code on any order, and a $30 Gift Card drawing.

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    what i use is a cream type[of your skin tone of course]and then do my hair or whatever then i put on a little bitty teny tiny bit darker shade of a powder and then other make-up such as eyeliner,eyeshadow,lip gloss and lipstick ect.

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    i personally don't like avon because it made me break out.

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