Was Michael Jackson to appear at the 2009 WMAs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dont know, but, Michael grew up watching his elder siblings perform, he thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't wait to join the fun. Once he did his father entered them in an amateur contest at the Apollo. Here they won and were referred to Quincy Jones assistant by Diana Ross. The rest is history.

    He never went through the natural shyness and awkwardness of puberty because he spent most of his time performing (where he was in his element and not shy at all).

    He just loved to dance and sing and was extremely passionate about it.

    Just like Olympic athletes he gave it his all and devoted his life to it.

    Its elation filled his soul.

    Michael was never wacko or weird.

    He just decided to do all the things he couldn't (as a child/teen) because of his fame. This is why he built Never-land Ranch.

    Michael never molested any children; he was set up for extortion.

    It has always been a thought of mine that he was set up by a competitor in the industry.

    The parent that sued him; will most likely rear his greedy head, as he will want more money, and when he does this [conspiracy (for lack of a better word)] will eventually come out.

    God Bless Michael, my heart and prayers go out to his family, and most of all, to his children to whom he was a magnificent father.

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