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Which part of the brain is active when Grandmasters play Chess?

The answer is quite technical... and probably varies...

I am wondering if any related studies have been done?

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    The medial temporal lobe since they are important to form long-term memory which would allow them to remember moves. Also, the right hemisphere of the brain.

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    As far as the cerebral cortex is concerned:

    The frontal lobe is probably very active while playing chess. The actions required to win the game (executive function) are created in the front of the frontal lobe (don't recall its name). It travels towards the back of the frontal cortex to the primary motor cortex (also on the frontal lobe) where the complex actions of moving the pieces are broken down into their most primative motions.

    The visual cortex of the occipital lobe is obviously active in observing the game on a low level basis (color and shape processing) while the temporal lobe will do higher level processing such as recognizing which piece is which. The somatosensory cortex (which is located just behind the primary motor cortex, on the other side of the central sulcus) will also respond when picking up the pieces.

    Other parts of the midbrain and hindbrain are also active, but I cannot help you with that.

    Source(s): ancient memories of neuropsychology
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    Recently Discovery presentes a program on thet very same subject. Quite Interesting. Perhpas you may find it at a discovery channel shop?

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