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what does LiveLavaLive ( Mitchell Davis makes videos on Youtube) use to edit images/videos? (link included)?

how does he make these videos?

i want to make some myself likwe this

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail


what could i downlolad ?

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    Mitchell Davis is God. He uses Aperture II for Macs ( for images ) and Final Cut Studio ( for video editing ) .

    hope this helped !

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    YACHT (it's in capitals) is an excellent band, and I appreciate the fact that Mitchell is a fan of them and wants to show people that he's a fan, but seeing as most of HIS fans are dumbass 16-year-old girls, YACHT isn't getting the right kind of attention. The people who listen to them shouldn't be people who don't understand them.

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    he's skilled

    No, I don't know.

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