How can I preserve my henna "tattoo"?

I was at an art show over the weekend, where there was someone doing mendhi. I had a design drawn on my wrist, and it looks really nice. I know it should last for a few weeks, but is there any way to keep it looking nice longer?


I got the design done Friday. The henna stayed on for about 45 minutes before cracking and falling off. As it is summer, I'm wearing short sleeves. I'll try rubbing with olive oil, thanks.

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  • Kent
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    1 decade ago
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    Dab a little oil on it, olive oil, baby oil, what ever, don't rub, just dab gentley, do this now, and then before you shower. Avoid washing it as much as possible. If you can, cover it with a band aid before you sleep, so it doesn't get rubbed. Don't wear anything that could rub it as that will make is vanish faster. Don't put rubbing alcohol anywhere near it, not that you are likely too, but hey, you might.

    and if you haven't already, avoid cracking, or brushing the paste off, leave it on for as long as possible. The longer the paste is on, the darker the result, and the longer it will last.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hi, its interesting that you asked this, I am only thirteen years old but I am a certified Henna Artist, which might sound a bit weird but its true. Henna comes in a couple of forms but the main two are: A brown-red coloured paste - often in a cown, in which you squeeze onto the body. It is moist but drys after half an hour or so and cracks and comes off leaving an imprint. Henna powder - You mix this to make henna paste I think (I'm not sure about this one because I only usethe paste form you see). They tend to last for 1 - 3 weeks but it can vary on each packet of Henna. You can buy Henna cheaply off ebay. You don't need any equipment but it is advised to squirt on some lemon juice each day for a strong colour or just use moisturiser. Henna can be used for any designs these days. I am doing a Henna stall with a friend at the Ashbourne Arts Festival this weekend. They are very popular at festivals. I hope this helped you - if you would like any more information, please email me. I will send you some pictures of the Henna we are going to do at the festival if you like and perhaps a video and the link to our website. (Its not very formal though haha)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Henna only stains the top layers of skin , so depending on how good the henna was, how long you left if on, if your skin was cleanwill affect how long the design stays.

    your wrist doesn't get much rubbing by clothes and washing so that will help it last longer.

    It should last 10 days or so, then really start fading as the dyed layers of skin exfoliate.

    Keep it moisturized, lotion or body balm work well.

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