improve my macro monarch deck?

This is my deck.

please help me!! : ]

Caius the shadow monarch x2

Zaborg the thunder monarch x2

Mobius the frost Monarch x2

Thestalos the firestorm monarch

DD survivor x3

DD Scout Plane x2

Morphing Jar

Twin-Headed Behemoth


defender, the magical knight

DD warrior lady

Treeborn frog

Breaker the magical warrior

Spirir reaper

Dimensional fissure x3

Reinforcement of the army

Soul exchange


Foolish burial

Monster reborn

Lightning Vortex

Swords of revealing light

Heavy storm

Smashing ground

Brain control

Macro Cosmos x2

Sakuretsu Armor

Metal reflect slime

Magic cylinder

Magic Jammer

Bottomless trap hole

Solemn judgment

Torrential tribute

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this will not do at all!!!!!!

    first monsters:

    you need 3 caius and 2 raiza, these two can get rid of any card on the field, also 1 mobius just to keep your monarchs need a gorz emissionary of darkness to protect youself from a judgment dragon. you need cyber dragon for a quick tribute, and spies and a guard for the same reason and some extra defense. keep spirit reaper, marshmalon, 3 survivors, two scouts and d.d warrior lady, add all the stuff i told you to and dump the rest of your monsters.


    i personally don't recomend dimensional fissure, but if you like it have only one. reinforcement of the army is not recomended, but once again optional. soul exchange is only good at one and is necessary, as is mst heavy lightning and brain control. Do not run foolish burial and monster reborn because monsters will removed, remember? swords is okay as is smashing ground. I do not recomend those cards.

    you definatly need book of moons.


    i would recomend another macro, but if your running dimensional fissure, idk. the only attack protection you should be running is 3 or 2 threatening roars or wabakus. Definatly keep torrential and reflect slime. run 2 bottemles and 3 solemn/dark bribes. DONT RUN MAGIC JAMMER! over all i don't like macro because a normal monarch deck is better, but he, run want you want.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this looks more like a remove deck

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