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Kitchen tap is leaking...replace it or fixable?

In the kitchen we have a tap with one handle that kind of swivels to get hot or cold water. The head of the tap is kind of detachable with a hose on it. THe head of the faucet is leaking in one spot on the front, because it is cracked. It's just that one spot but it sprays water outside of the sink. Is this fixable? How would I fix it if it is? (i know nothing about this stuff) or is it better to replace the whole tap?

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    You need to replace it. Cracks are unfixable.

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    It might be fixable depending on the material the faucet is made from, plastic or metal and how big a crack it is. You might try one of the epoxy products that come in a two part tube that you squeeze some out and mix than apply to crack. The problem is they show and will most likely last only a little while. I would replace the faucet with something you like from the home store. As to costs anything from about 25.00 up and good kitchen faucet will run you over a hundred dollars and could be as much as several hundred if you want fancy, not any better just looks. Most faucets come with instructions to put them in and they are not difficult but can be hard for a first timer if you are not handy with tools and willing to get a little dirty. Check with a friend they may be able to help you with this project.

    Source(s): Never having enough money to have it done when I was younger. 35 years general construction work.
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    Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and talk to someone in their plumbing section. You probably only need a washer but they would be able to tell you what you need and how to install it. Be sure to let them know what brand the faucet is and everything else about it you can.

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    replace it. go to your local hardware store like home depot. you can get one for about $25.00 and home depot has people that will show you how to remove the old one and install the new one. they also rent tools you may need if you don't have them.

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