What is the the computer game Sim City like?

- What can you do in the game?

- Do you control what happens in a city? - Please describe.

- Can you interact with the people in a city?

- Can you zone land?

- Can you design buildings?

- Can you control natural disasters?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    simcity is a very fun game and i'll tell you all about it

    in simcity u are the mayor of your city and your goal is to make the city as big as possible and avoid going bankrupt

    for you first and second question you lay down zones and get tax money from the people of simcity to make cash, u lay down police stations and fire stations and can also add a few landmarks to make the city more cooler to look at u control what goes in simcity and what will not go in simcity so bascilly your the boss

    as for your 3rd question to a certain extent u can talk to people

    4th question yes u have to lay down zones so you can make money

    5th question to a certain extent hard to explain

    and for your last question yes u can make it where no disasters happen at all unless u leave that on then u can't contrl the disasters but u can make them

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    YOu do stuff

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