can't log in on my yahoo, msn , google mail accounts internet is ok?

I uninstall MacAfee and ad adware to install new virus software, before I install the new virus software, I try internet and connection is ok, but when try to log in on yahoo mail or any other email account, it will show error or will not show anything on the page, use other computers and perfect no problem, my email log in is ok, then I open safari, from the computer I'm having problems and open all my email accounts and log in and all perfect, now went back and I try the internet explorer 7 again and will not be able to connect,, then upgrade to IE8 same problem, but when I go to safari I have no problems, do you think the virus software will make my settings different when i did the uninstall? I use the control panel to do the unistall,,,,Help, need all suggestions thanks,, this is my first time I see something like this.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may have your settings on IE set too high. I'd lower your settings like allowing cookies, etc and see if that helps.

    If you can surf to other sites then there isn't a problem with your internet connection, it is an application issue.

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