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WILL MY DOG EVER COME HOME??whats the longest you dog has been missing and then returned home?

On July 4th my husband, children and I went to town to see the parade, My father in law let her out to potty around 12:00 pm he called her in at 12:30, like we told him to do. but she did not come when called, so he called us and we started the search around 1:00pm. There is a tree farm with MILES of christmas trees behind our house, Im thinking she got lost in them. She has NEVER once EVER left our yard before. could she have ran after something and got lost? we search along the road thinking maybe she got hit by a car, we only have one neighbor and they have not seen her. How long can she survive in the woods? She is lab/sheep mix. can anyone give me any other ideas on what may have happened to her? We search as much as we could of the trees with no luck. Tonight I saw something down the road all black and about her size I was so sure it was her By the time I got out side there was no sign of her, I called her name, she never came. We have had searches every night still nothing, She is such a big part of our family, we are all taking this very hard. how long can she survive out there, I know there are A LOT of coyotes out there, But she can RUN VERY fast. She would never get in the car with anyone because she is scared of other people

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    Have you tried calling local vets? Call the closest emergency vet hospitals in case she got hit. Also, check the local shelter. I would put up signs with her picture on it in the area.

    Our dog jumped through our front window on 4th of July a few years ago. We had him microchipped, though, so we got him back about a week later. He was in a shelter 20 miles from our home. He was so freaked out by the fireworks that he ran as far as he could. If we hadn't had him chipped, we never would have gotten him. We wouldn't have looked twenty miles from the house. This is a dog that doesn't get out of bed before 10am. He's incredibly lazy. Thank god for microchips!

    Good luck. Keep searching!

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    each dog has exactly one master. it can respond to 100 ppl but there is only one master. the master needs to call the dog. he/she needs to call it loud and clear. u should try in the woods as u said. do it in a part that ur voice echoes. that dog will come back. 100% guranteed. however it only works if shes in the vacinity. it needs to be the master, not anyone else. if that doesnt work all u can do is alert the authorities and pray for a miracle.

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    call her name as loud as you can, i lost my dog for a whole week and found her in my paddock up at the top of my farm.

    leave food and water out for her and maybe even her bed.

    if you watch it all night maybe you'd see something. maybe you'd find her.

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    My friend lost her dog and it came back about 5 to 6 weeks later he was okay plz answer my question

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