in the Rocky movies does anyone know why or how Adrienne died?

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    " The original script originally featured a living and breathing Adrian, but Stallone said that "it just didn't have the same dramatic punch. I thought, 'What if she's gone?' That would cut Rocky's heart out and drop him down to ground zero."

    Shire told USA Today that Slyvester Stallone approached her with the dramatic change: "Sly showed me the script because he knew I'd lost my husband (producer Jack Schwartzman). When Jack was alive, he and I were producing movies, so I was doing much less acting and more development. I was aware of the possibility of Adrian (at one point) being in it and dying (on screen), but my being in the movie or not was not as interesting as how Sylvester was going to achieve this. Ultimately, I was wondering how in the world he was going to justify getting Rocky back into the ring."

    And what did Shire think of the final film?

    "I had an explosive moment in the boxing ring (scene), because I felt that fight was really about a man going up against time and love and courage. Adrian wasn't there, but she was very much within him."

    "The film has great regard for the process of mourning. Sly utilizes mourning to empower Rocky, and Adrian is made very mythical," Shire told USA. "Rocky is a folk hero. There was a great mythological aspect to the first one, and this film has that. I am so in his corner. Sly is so gifted, and the writing in this piece is courageous. It is Rocky's rebirth."

    The script was changed to have Rocky mourning his wife who had

    died from cancer and the estrangement of his son who had lost

    the will to stand up for himself ...

    You can read the whole interview at "

    Talia Shire is also noted for her performance, although brief,

    of the battered and cheated on wife of Sonny Corleone

    { James Caan } from

    " The Godfather "


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    Cancer, kind of to write her off. Im not certain but maybe the lady who played the role didnt want to come back and do it again. They never show her actually getting sick or dying in any of the movies, just in the last one it picks up after she has died.

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    It was either breast or ovarian cancer, because Rocky calls it woman cancer.

    Source(s): The scene when he is in the bar at the old neighborhood in Balboa
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    yeah...she was in a car wreck it explains it in the new rocky

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    i think she died of cancer. i am not sure why i think that but i think that is how she died.

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    Some cancer

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