questions for skateboard parts?

hey im thinking to try skateboarding so i got some questions for a skateboard when i buy 1/

wich is better : rubber or plastic wheels

what does ABEC mean and is ABEC3 good?

what is better 7Ply or 9Ply maple

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All skateboard wheels, with the exception of crappy discount store boars are made from urethane. Different additives are added to make the wheels harder or softer. I think you are wondering if a soft wheel or a hard wheel would be better, and that depends on where you are going to skate. Hard wheels are faster, but will give a bumpier ride. On the other hand softer wheels will give a smoother ride and stick to slick surfaces, but you compromise speed.

    ABEC is a rating system used to indicate the tolerances on a bearing for high speed applications. The higher the number (9) the more closely the parts fit together. This is not an indication of the performance, speed, or quality for skateboarding. High end bearings do not use an ABEC rating. They are designed for skateboarding, not machinery. I've seen ABEC 3 bearings that are totally crap and I;ve seen them that are very good.

    7 ply is usually better 9 ply decks are heavier and thinker. the 2 extra plies are added so the manufacturer can use a lower grade wood.

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    rubber wheels,ABEC3,7 Ply for thiner board 9 Ply for thicker if your heavy 9 Ply if not 7 Ply

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    abec7 is good 3 isnt that fast

    7ply is better but never get a board from walmart

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