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How is that war on drugs going?

Drugs are still illegal ( some of them) and people are still being locked up in cages for substances found from Prince Harry to any back alley way--

The UN reports 400 billion dollars in trade annually

400 billion ought to be able to pay off a lot of officers and government workers to look the other way ---- I bet 400 billion would buy a lot of mercenary services as well

-------------- Is it illegal because the government is at war against drugs or is it illegal to keep the prices of the mobsters high ?

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    Drugs are winning.


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    First, we have to ask ourselves, what is a "drug." Is sugar a drug? Caffeine? Tobacco. Alchohol? Of course, they're all drugs. Anything you take into your body which changes its chemistry can be labelled a "drug."

    Yet, some drugs are legal with others aren't. It the standard the US government uses to determine which drugs should be legal and which shouldn't somehow based on the drug's negative effects on the human body (holding aside for now the question of whether government should even have a say in what substances a person can and can't put into his or body body)?

    The answer to this question is no, as tobacco,alchohol and even sugar is more harmful to one's body than the use of marijuana and yet marijuana is illegal while tobacco, alchohol and sugar aren't.

    Conversely, a drug oxycontin (i.e. "Hillbilly Heroin") is perfectly legal, though if abused its more harmful than all four of the "drugs" I've mentioned above.

    It's obvious to even the most casual observer that the "Drug War" in the US almost completely without merit. It's purpose is to a) protect the pharmeceutical industry's profits by criminalizing any "drugs" which are useful/desirable and don't require extensive, sophisticate, highly controllable production and distribution processes, b) perpetuate law enforcement agency budgets and c) incarcerate/control/eliminate society's "undesirables" (the poor, minorities, immigrants, free thinkers and the like).

    The Drug War is just another tool in the capitalist social control arsenal.

    This isn't to say that I think all "drugs" are good or that everyone should use them. Perhaps government does have an interest in keeping parents from "abusing" (however defined) "drugs" as the children of drug abusers are less likely to become productive citizens.

    And if you use certain drugs, it's legitimate to be banned from certain occupations (I wouldn't want the gal flying the plane I'm on to be a tweaker).

    But if you're an adult with no children and don't occupy a profession in which you might endanger other people's lives, welfare and/or well being through you drug usage, why shouldn't you be free to choose to be a junkie in the "land of the free."

    Granted, it doesn't mean you're entitled to be a ward of the state as a result of your choices, but you should still be free to "fail" in whatever manner you choose.

    Of course one could argue that if a society allows its citizens to use any drug of their choice, that society is headed toward a downfall. I would argue that a person who's like to become a drug addict has probably already done so and would do so whether his or her drug usage was illegal or not.

    All outlawing drugs does is turn recreational users (not ever person who snorted coke or took a hit of acid became a wild-eyed junkie) and users of less dangerous drugs like marijuana into criminals. But that's really the whole point of the Drug War, so I digress....

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    Right now the war on drugs has manifested it self in conventional combat in Mexico. Mexicans are dying so somebody is already declaring victory.

    THE street price of cocaine varies hugely across the world. No surprise that it is cheapest in Colombia, the world's biggest producer of coca: at $2, a gram costs less than a Big Mac. Geography is an obvious price factor. The farther away a country from the main producers in South and Central America, and the more isolated it is, the higher the cost to traffick there. In far-flung New Zealand, a gram costs a wallet-busting $714.30. But there are some pricing anomalies. Although the street price in Japan is several times higher than in Israel, Germany and Britain, the wholesale price in the countries is similar, around $46.40. In Canada the wholesale price is 50% more than in America, but Canadians pay 40% less on the street. It could be that policing is more zealous in some countries, or that there is less competition among suppliers.

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    The war on drugs is our misfortune. As long as the drug is politically correct, ie Rush Limbaugh and Oxycontin, than the Us will continue it's pursuit in this useless drug war.

    I used to do drugs, coke, pot, lsd, xtc alcohol etc.. it makes no difference if the govrnment intervienes, a junkie will get his drugs no matter what. I am actually clean and dont do drugs anymore, big deal. If an adult decides to live thier life on drugs, what buisiness is it of the government to interfere. Someone needs to work at Taco Bell, lay off!

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    additionally, the conflict on maximum cancers, began below President Nixon and maximum cancers expenses are as severe or larger than ever. the subject is that we are utilising the incorrect metaphor- specifically "conflict". In government language, this implies that we will spend billions of our tax money utilising the comparable failed approach as in the previous. No large suggestions or recommendations have ever come out of those "conflict" classes. instead, we've super bureaucracies and government contractors feeding off tax money with none consequences. In turn, those government contractors keep contributing to politicians' campaigns to maintain the money coming. they're rightly disturbing that if the subject became unquestionably solved, they does no longer get any further money, so it is unquestionably against their hobbies to remedy the subject. The extra they could create a disaster approach between the inhabitants, the extra money they could get because of the fact human beings think of that spending extra money on the subject will remedy it. In coping with government, you get rewarded for failure, no longer for fulfillment. If there's a topic in the universities, the respond is extra money for the universities, no longer much less money as there may be in the own sector. the two dems and repubs work together in this "conflict" mentality. it particularly is a component of our gadget. So, we waste billions of greenbacks and accomplish no longer something and might't even stumble on a vogue out of this occasion. the militia-business complicated that President Eisenhower warned us approximately has taken over our government in the form of dissimilar "wars" on drugs, poverty, terrorism, maximum cancers, etc. Too many all of us is making too plenty money no longer fixing those problems and feeding on our tax money. we are in simple terms too naive to work out it. thank you for pointing out this undertaking.

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    Pretty good. I know the stuff I just smoked is better than the 1/4 I had before it.

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    Don't forget the profitable business of "crime and punishment" which provides ample employment for lawyers, judges, and prison institutions.

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    About like the war on unemployment.

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    It's having a pretty funny opposite effect. ROFL ROFL HAHAHAHA

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    I think the war on drugs is dumb but teen drug use is way down.

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