why do people endlessly cast wind bolt in pvp?

i see high lvl players casting wind bolt at each other in pvp they never hit each other and they cast endlesly i was wondering why they do this maby xp or drop potential?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the pvp worlds drop potential is received by standing around in the pvp worlds for 2 hours to get max, you get 25% every 30 mins in a hotzone in a non hotzone you get less however there are many players in hotzones who will kill these players just for giggles so it is rather annoying.

    However if 2 players cast wind bolt on each other in single combat wearing the right gear you can stay there for hours if done right. Thus no one can interfere with the accumulation of drop potential and requires minimum attention

    Also they use bolt because jagex implemented a system that if you cast any strike spell for 5-6 mins in pvp world then your drop potential timer will stop

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