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Naguru asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

Is it possible to economise in usage of our physical energy?

I mean somebody puts more efforts but gets lets result. I want a method whereby we can achieve more by putting less effort.

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    of course uncle. If we do hard work(i mean in the scence giving more frictions to our body and mind) then people get less result. It is because, when we disturb our body and mind after certain limit then both start to loose their potential.(body and mind have their own limit of usage).

    But if we do smart work(in the scence enjoying our work without worrying or giving trouble to body like a child) then it is sure that the result will be more. Besides, people of this nature do their work without any expectation but they do for only haapiness(it is in Indian practice we call as Karma yoga. So the result is more. And even if rarely they do not get more results then for that too they will not worry.

    take care uncle....

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    I think your question and the explanation given below are contradictory since physical energy is one thing while putting in more effort is something different.

    There are very few things in life which, if spent, returns in abundance. For example, love. The more you show your love, the more you get loved. Similarly, physical energy. The more you use it, the more stronger you become. You may call it even "exercise". The less you use it, the more would be your loss!

    Now, effort means different. It may be physical, mental, financial or some thing else. You may be able to reduce physical effort to accomplish a job by being innovative, usage of different techniques etc. If you try to reduce your mental effort, then again you will be loosing a lot since higher the mental effort, higher the mental efficiency building.

    An efficient Manager puts in a lot of "less" effort to achieve a goal by making his subordinates do the job by using their efforts. Here, no physical energy is involved.

  • Naguru Sir,

    As long as physical energy is concerned, there is no question of achieving more from less. The law of ‘Conservation of Energy’ says there cannot be loss or gain of energy. Only same amount of energy can be transformed in to other form.

    Only by myth played by our mind we feel as if, we put more and get less result & put less and gain more.

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    Do u mean 4 indiv or society?

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    That is what you get if you planify the whole process, isn't?

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