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can I trust my Toyota with LUCAS FUEL INJERCTOR CLEANER?

I was told by my mechanic to use STP injector cleaner.

Today I bought some Lucas.

Is it OK for my Toyota RAV4 ?


Instructon says add to every 50 L gasoline 100-150- ml(3.33-5 oz) of treatment.I find this amount to much.

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    it will be fine , it is really good stuff, just use it per the directions about every oil change.

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    Lucas fuel treatment has an excellent rep my friends that run parts stores etc swear by it and so do many ppl I know that use it too.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I use it too and once you use it don't panic if any engine codes appear bec it can cause o2 sensor codes to appear and then go away just be sure that once you use it and run a few tanks of fuel to change the fuel filter on it.

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    Lucas is a terrific brand and it will be fine in your Toyota. Some mechanics prefer certain brands thats all.

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