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are nuclear weapons obsolete?

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    In a big way they are. We realized soon after Hiroshima that nukes could hardly be used, that they were much more dangerous and damaging than we'd thought. Every nuclear country today wanted nukes only as a deterrent. And they work great for that! We have used our military more than 100 times since WWII, but have never used nuclear weapons, even small 'battlefield' nukes.

    No leader of a nuclear nation can envision a scenario by which he has anything to gain by the first use of nukes. They all realize that whoever uses them first loses. Even Jim Jong Il in NK sees that. 90% of North Koreans live in one single city, which could be totally wiped off the map with one small nuke from an American submarine. Kim knows this. Do you think this is how he wants to be remembered? We always talk about our enemies as if they were crazy, irrational. But Kim is not THAT crazy.

    Every nuclear nation has signed a No First Use agreement--except, of course, the US.

    I suppose terrorists might use a nuke if they could get their hands on one. But we could easily tell the nation of origin from the radioactive signature, and that country would have a lot of explaining to do!

    Ronald Reagan held nuclear arms reduction talks with Russia, and Republicans thought he was a great hero for doing that and saving us perhaps trillions of dollars without making us any less safe. Now Obama is trying the same thing, but if a Democrat does it Republicans call it 'appeasement' or 'surrender' or even 'treason'. 8^P

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    no not until we have the laser shield. even then they could be smuggled in dangerous peices of technology or there was a ground fired nuke from a bazooka on a tripod. what dumb *** soldier would fire that thing these days. even if u could shoot it 20 miles like an artillary shell, he's going to be in the fallout zone. could mount it on a tank and they get the metal sheilding to drive out.

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    Some people think so

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