Is it still "America ... Love It Or Leave It"?

Why is it that when I used to complain about stuff like the Iraq war, locking up people and giving them no rights, and doing everything for the rich that I was told "if you don't love America ... leave it" by the right-wingers? More or less, they were saying that if you didn't accept everything that Bush was doing, you should leave!

Does that still apply now that the liberals are in charge? Pack your bags guys!


A few of the answers are pretty much what I expected. Basically, the right thinks that it's ok to tell those of us who are more progressive that we should love their ideas or leave. But when our ideas have been legally put into effect, we're just wrong and they don't have to love it. They're right, we're wrong, the Europeans are wrong, liberal laws legally passed are wrong ... everything except their ideas are wrong! Oh well, that's what we have to deal with now that we're in power! Liberal judges, liberal laws, liberal programs and the right-wingers will just have to suck it up like we did during Bush.

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    A generalization: Liberal realize that everything isn't in black or white. Unlike many on the right, liberals would never give an ultimatum for citizens of the U.S. to 'love it or leave it'.

    Instead, liberals work to change, using the powers of the Constitution as they are intended instead of accepting only one point of view.

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    You have a very skewed and biased view of America. I don't know who you've been talking to but everything you've said is wrong. We locked up enemy combatants who are terrorists hell bent on destroying America. Saddam Hussein threatened the world with nukes, had unleashed nerve gas on the Kurds, and thumbed his nose at inspections by the UN. Like Condi Rice said, you don't wait for the mushroom cloud to do something. That's why we invaded Iraq. Bush kept America safe for 8 years. Can't say the same about Obama the way he's going around the world apologizing to everybody and cozying up to the Russians, Chavez and the Castro clan. He's an embarassment. He knows nothing about economics or Capitalism. You don't spend out of control when you're trillions over budget. People are losing jobs left and right and he and Congress want another stimulus package! If ever there were a time to pack my bags it would be now under Obama's horrible leadership!

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    if you leave america, where will you go. Basically, America is still the best place to live. We get first in line video games that is filled with wonderful propaganda how terrorists are either Russian or Arabic and how we are fighting them for freedom.

    Plus we get it first while the world gets it second.

    When Bush was elected, nothing was wrong. Instead we suck it and follow his lead rather than going to the streets and protest like Iran. We put our entertainment and enjoyment of leisure that we have and put rights second.

    During the iraq war, the republicans was in charge of senate and congress therefore republicans that we elected followed their party's goals.

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    That's because the people fear the government - when it is the government who should be fearing and respecting its people.

    As far as America love it or leave it - I find that if one passionately cares about their nation, they have a right to dissent - ie civil disobedience - when they do not agree.

    But they must do so legally.

    Point out the foibles and follies and request that the government act upon them in the best interest of its people.

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    It is not you disagree with the war in Iraq.

    It comes down to the tone and claims people make about America.

    For example Bush and what America did in Iraq is on the same level as Hitler.

    That is over the top.

    When your point is to smear this country that is when you need to pack your bags.

    Standing up in your belief and protesting what the government says or does is your right.

    There is point when you go too far.

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    The difference is that our complaints are based on an understanding of the situation.

    BTW - I find it amusing that you seem to suddenly have ho problem witht he iraq war now that you have a liberal in the White House.

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    Most US Citizens living abroad or overseas are living in Mexico.

    They left the USA , because the USA serves first Israel and second America, and that's not fair.

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    I love America, I just happen to disapprove of the moron running her.

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