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In your opinion whats the best Chick Flick or Romantic Comedy?

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    I have a lot of favorites so I'll just list a few .

    Just Friends:

    Starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, & Anna Faris.

    Chris Brander (Reynolds) has always been friends with Jamie Palamino (Smart), but now decides it is time to take his relationship to the next step. The problem is, is that Jamie still wants to be 'Just Friends'. When he runs away and moves to L.A., he becomes a attractive music manager, who everyone wants. When his jet crashes, when flying to Paris with his newest singing sensation, Samantha James (Faris), he ends up back home. To his surprise, he encounters Jamie again, and sets out to be more than 'Just Friends' this time.

    A Cinderella Story

    Starring Hilary Duff, Dan Byrd, Jennifer Coolidge and Chad Michael Murray:

    Cinderella never had it this bad. In A Cinderella Story - a twisted and hilarious update of the classic fairy tale - high school senior Sam Montgomery (HILARY DUFF) lives at the beck and call of her self-obsessed step-mother Fiona (JENNIFER COOLIDGE) and her sinfully wicked step-sisters, who treat her more like a servant than a member of the family.

    With her sights set on attending Princeton, Sam finds her less-than-sparkling social life wonderfully complicated when she meets her prince charming online. But when her anonymous cyber soul mate turns out to be her high school's über-popular quarterback Austin Ames (CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY), Sam makes a mad dash back to reality, leaving her cell phone behind just before the clock strikes midnight.

    Fearing rejection if her secret is revealed, Sam dodges Austin's efforts to discover the identity of his princess. Will Sam let fear hold her back, or will she find the courage to be herself and claim the life she's always wanted? Her chance at happily ever after depends on it.

    The Notebook

    Starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling:

    Directed by Nick Cassavetes, this adaptation of author Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel revolves around Noah Calhoun's (James Garner) regular visits to a female patron (Gena Rowlands) of an area nursing home. Rather than bore her with the inanities of everyday life, Calhoun reads from an old, faded notebook containing the sweeping account of a young couple (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams) whose love affair was tragically put to a halt after their separation in the midst of World War II. Seven years later, the couple was reunited, and, despite having taken radically different paths, they found themselves unable to resist the call of a second chance. The Notebook also features Joan Allen, Sam Shepard, and Kevin Connolly.

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    When Harry Met Sally (for older people) OR

    10 Things I Hate About You

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    Well, you probably expected The Notebook but if you are looking for a enjoyable and cute movie, I suggest Becasue I Said So. It has Mandy Moore, Dianne Keaton, and one really hot guy in it! ; )

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    PS I love you

    Return to Me

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    It has to be Pretty Woman.

    Every woman/girl I know has watched it several times.

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    He's just not that into you and Love Actually

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