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What player do you think deserves to go to a Pro Bowl but has never been?


Philip Rivers went in 2006

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    ditto on Calvin Johnson...some others from over the years that randomly come to mind:

    TE Dallas Clark

    LB Derrick Johnson

    DT Chris Hovan

    OL Chester Pitts

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    To everyone here,

    Phillip Rivers went to the 2007 Pro-Bowl. The question is "What player do you think deserves to go to a Pro Bowl BUT HAS NEVER BEEN (THERE)"

    The answer is Calvin Johnson. He put up outstanding numbers this season and came as 5th in receiving yards behind Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, and Roddy White.

    The surprising thing is he put up these numbers on an awful team.

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    Kirk Morrison, Calvin Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, David Garrard in 07

  • I would say Maurice Jones-Drew. He has had an excellent career but for some reason has never been to the Pro Bowl. He should have gone in '07.

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    Corey Webster CB, great in one-to-one coverage. Just ask Moss in Super Bowl XLII

    O.J. Atogwe S, like Calvin Johnson playing in a bad team doesn't help.

    Terrell Suggs OLB. One of the best 3-4 pass rushing LB and great run defender.

    Haloti Ngata DT. Still developping into one of the best defensive tackles.

    Robert Gallery G. Yes, he never became the left tackle the Raiders were hoping for, but he found his spot as one of the best Guards.

    Ryan Kalil, C. One of the best centers in the league.

  • I'll go with Deangelo Williams to. A great back that has a bright future, that showed last season especially. Another guy is Maurice Jones Drew, they both definitely deserve to be going to Hawaii this year.

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    Mario Williams, Deangelo Williams, Calvin Johnson, DJ Williams, Ryan Clady (only allowed 1/2 sack last year!) Dwayne Bowe, Leroy Hill (i dnt think he's gone 2 one) and Earnie sims.

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    Calvin Johnson he was outstanding last year and was the most important player in the NFL to their own team. He was one of the most explosive receivers with great hands and great run after the catch, the only reason he did not make it was because the Lions played so badly.

    Source(s): true Lions fan
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    Theres a lot more but i'll just say Phillip Rivers. Hes a great QB that somehow didn't make it in...

    34 tds-11 ints

    4009 passing yards

    105.5 QB rating and brett favre got in idc if he was doing good at the time Philip Rivers was still playing better.

    come on how didn't he make it the only QB with a better season was Drew Brees, or Payton Manning

    I'm not even a Philip Rivers fan!!!!!!

    And Calvin Johnson too

    12 TDs

    1331 rec yards

    78 receptions

    17.1 yards per catch

    how didn't he make it hes amazing and is the best receiver in the leauge if you don't agree he put up THOSE numbers on a 0-16 Detroit team with shitty QBs bad o-line and bad well everything

    Imagine what he would do on the Patriots, or Colts, Cardinals, or Saints? well he would do amazing.

    Hes my favorite player btw I have his jersey.

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    Josh Sitton. he's a glance after for eco-friendly Bay and truly between the terrific interior the interest. I have no considered a single score that places him exterior the suitable 5 and maximum have in interior the suitable 3 guards interior the league. he's a superb linemen and it shocks me at how underrated this guy might desire to be to have in no way made a expert Bowl.

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    Fred Taylor

    -Taylor has rushed for 11,271 yards in his NFL career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He ranks 16th on the all-time rushing list. He's had a 1,500-yard season, a pair of 1,300-yard seasons and a pair of 1,200-yard seasons with a total 62 rushing touchdowns, he was named as an alt. in 2007 but no one backed out. -and this is coming from a colts fan!

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