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Name ideas for a drafting,interior design/re-design and staging business?

my dream is to start a business that includes creating/editing blueprints, interior design/redesign and also home staging. These are my top 3 career choices and can't rely on just one to be enough of an income(live in a smaller town who don't even know what home staging is). I need help creating a name that sums up all these. Any ideas??


i also just thot of House 2 Home Designs...sumthin to do with startin with an ordinary house and turning it into a home by addin accents or the clients personal touch.

Give me a house and I will give back a home!...corny?? lol

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    Style Inside

    Design Inside

    (both inspired by the Intel Inside slogan)

    Or you could use as your business name something unrelated to design that leaves your options open (think Apple for computers) and then use your marketing and branding to bring meaning to the name.

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    Interior Design Business Name Ideas

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    The naming of your enterprise must be between the main necessary judgements you will make. a recognition's originality and criminal availability will create a real asset fee of its own, because it fairly is going to become marketed and valuable factors marketplace acceptance. The call you opt for will grow to be the focal element of each and every of the advantages and valuable factors that relate on your enterprise. clientele would have the skill to discover and refer others to it interior the destiny. for the reason that any names that are pronounced right here would already be owned by using yet another occasion, i wished to pass a diverse course... I recommend the two hiring a recognition creation organization or celebration including your friends and/or family individuals and throw a "call occasion" & have anybody leap some techniques around. assemble a catalogue of names which you like the terrific. as quickly as you have that checklist, do as plenty unfastened learn as you may before you delve into complete learn. I listed some links the place you may carry out a little preliminary call checking. notwithstanding if, please notice that it is basically scratching the floor of what's available. in common terms complete learn will inform you if the call is actual accessible. yet, those links are unfastened & a brilliant place to commence, so i could try them out first. complete learn includes finding at marks that are comparable in Sound, visual allure or which ability interior the pending & registered Federal AND State trademark documents besides via fact the U. S. national undemanding-regulation documents. There are different web pages that furnish unfastened finding features on the side of their commercial amenities, so i'm no longer able to place up those links via Yahoo! TOS. you will additionally decide for to ascertain domain names & telephone e book, so merely do a seek for "unfastened area call seek" and "national yellowpages" and the right links will pop up. wish that facilitates! I wish you plenty fulfillment & happiness in all your ventures!

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    How about DESINS...

    This has the first 3 letters of 'design' and 'inside'. It is also an obvious respelling of 'design' that could possibly be registered as a trade name.

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