I Have a 2000 Celica TRD Auto. Accidentally i revved The Car to 7 and 8 RPM while driving?

I had mistakenly put the car into L instead of D (drive). I was driving in gear L then when I wanted to merge into the Highway the car wasn't changing gears. I noticed the cars RPM was really high (7-8 RPM). I pulled over and noticed that the car was in L instead of D.

I want to know if this will cause any problems to my car since it is leaking water and the car kind of startles when i turn it on


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most auto trannys wont allow the engine to ever rev to redline. Even in manual tranny cars, the fuel will cut off before the rpm gets too high for the engine to handle. Unless the car has very high mileage and was already on its last leg, it shouldn't cause any problems except a brief moment of horrible fuel efficiency.

    Of course, have it checked out somewhere and see what's causing the startling.

  • 1 decade ago

    if it wasn't leaking before and it is not, you did something. probably head gasket.

    Source(s): Mechanic 17 years
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