Should Yahoo be deeply embarrassed or the person who answered the question?

Should Yahoo be embarrassed, or the the person who answered a question, when the question is chosen to be "Best Of Answers," and the answer is WRONG?!

Specifically this question (about the color of chicken eggs):

Correct answer is, there is ZERO difference between brown or white chicken eggs. What determines the color of the chicken egg is the color of the membrane over the chickens ear canal.

White membrane=white eggs

Brown membrane=brown eggs

Green membrane=green eggs (look up Araucana chickens if you don't believe there are green eggs)

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    Wow, that was seriously listed in Best of? Yikes.

    I think the people who tend to think brown eggs "taste better" are confusing a fresh egg with an egg that has been sitting on a grocery store shelf for a few weeks. And I've seen some people who are a little squeamish over brown eggs because they are only used to the generic store eggs.

    We've got buffs, barred rocks, bantams and araucanas in our flock... while earlobe color is generally a good guideline for determining egg color, there is also individual differences between birds, and their age also tends to affect egg color. Brown egg-laying pullets often lay much darker colored eggs than mature hens of the same breed.

    The only major flaw that I know of in earlobe color and a corresponding egg color is the silkie. These birds have blue skin, vividly blue earlobes, but lay cream-brown eggs. If earlobe color was an indicator for these birds, they'd lay eggs like a robin.

    Perhaps someone should bring the question to the attention of Y!A?

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    Unfortunately "Yahoo" is not a real live entity capable of feeling anything, that being so, seems like Yahoo could never "feel" embarrassed, even if it should, wouldn't you say?

    I would say that the answer that was chosen, in this case, was actually the answer to another question... which question would have needed to be something like this... "What causes the difference in the color of chickens eggs?" ...not... "What is the difference between a white egg and a brown egg?"

    Most farmers will agree that the difference between a white, brown or a green egg for that matter is one of shell color. Most children on the other hand, will tell you that green eggs are way cool. Artists like to draw faces on the tan colored ones... and white ones take color better for Easter egg hunts. Defining difference is a matter of perspective.

    Me? I like them over easy, scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, made into egg salad and especially pickled!

    There is a huge food quality difference between a good fresh-that-day free range chicken egg and one that was produced in a chicken egg factory, no matter what the color. I personally verified that fact and I'd bet you have too.

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    The biggest problem with this type of Q/A forum is that anybody can answer anything without really knowing what they are talking about.

    Which is really infuriating sometimes when you see an answer that you know is dead wrong and it's difficult to correct the misinformation, particularly AFTER it's been chosen as best answer.

    While I agree with your upset, I don't think there's anything to be done about it and the questioners should really do a little research of their own before choosing "best answer".

    But then again, if they had done their own research they wouldn't have had to ask the question to begin with.

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    Yahoo first because these questions bring in readership in the form of ending up on the best of and worst of questions, second the person asking this question because it can be answered by a simple google search that the majority of users here are too lazy to perform, especialy when dealing with pet health questions and proper care .

    look at this, the askers Q&A are private, HMmmmmmm...;_ylt=AqbE9...

    there is this question too...., some one fell asleep in biology class.;_ylt=AjKPs...

    this person clearly failed the biology class, I mean...really???

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    Yahoo wouldn't care about something like that. They probably have a disclaimer somehwere.

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    Why embarrassment? It is cool that someone cares enough to correct incorrect info. Thank you!

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    wow, I didn't know that. Thanks. And I think the answer should be because you know that Yahoo! cant look into EVERYTHING

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