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Why doesn't my boyfriend commit?

My boyfriend told me he loves me (more than a friend) but he doesn’t want a future with me. He’s close to my age (late 30’s) and we’ve been seeing each other on and off for 2 years. He swears there is no one else, so what gives?

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    Hey, there.

    He doesn't love you or don't want to be with you. I highly suggest go find some other guys that will treat you right. Guys are scaredy cat and a wussy. All guys are different in this world. Some use for sex, some just playing with your feelings, some doesn't even know what they want. I on the other hand is still waiting for the right guy to come to me. I don't know when it going to come to me.

    Yeah, he is a wussy. You should find someone else and you will realize once you found the right guy. You are off and felt better with the new guy than this jerk.

    This guy that your describing sounds like he is using you as a toy. Again, you should find someone else. MOVE ON GIRL.

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    Hun, if he is telling you that, then maybe you need to think of yourself. You deserve someone who does want a future with you. I think what he said is honest for him, but unfair for him to stay with you if he doesn't see a future, especially after 2 yrs. I mean he doesn't have to commit but what he is saying is he has settled for now and I think you may end up getting hurt in the long run if you stay. Sorry, hun I'm sure what he said really hurt, but don't think anything is wrong with you, maybe it's his own issues you know. Always look at the bigger picture

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    They will do that out of fear, move on. If he really loves you then he will hunt you up. It is hard to make a relationship work and I would say 97.5% of all relationships one or the other has cheated in some form or fashion that would cause the other to be hurt. If he is gun shy now, try another.

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    he's apparently playing the field and you with it. if he doesn't plan to have a future with you, then leave him. find someone else, preferably a guy that's into you and is able to think long term. a guy with no commitment is a guy without a future. you wouldn't want to get into the same boat with that type of person. hope this helps.

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    your not teenagers where theres nothing that really matters because your so young like marriage is not in the picture. but when your in your thirtys (which isnt old, but marriage is most def an idea) and your that on and off with eachother, he is not worth your time. you need someone you can be serious with, and both agree where you stand. DUMP THE HOE, HUNNY.

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    He's not REALLY your boyfriend. He's just keeping you on edge while getting something else on the side probably. Maybe he really doesnt want a future but something for now.

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    I don't want to sound like a jerk but chances are either there is someone else, or you just aren't a good fit for him. The main point is to not take it personal, I have had that same problem with girls, and I've had girls do it to me. You just need to move one (which is always hard) and find someone who DOES want you, and feel luck to have you!

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    He might love you but he isn't IN LOVE with you meaning he isn't loving you emotionally. It's complicated so I reccomend you don't even waste your time with this guy since you are wanting to be in a more serious realtionship.

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    scared of commitment r jus likes his freedom,but in ur 30's i would think u would be looking to settle down

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    well first off hes a player how i know i am one and that's the kinda **** i pull, its a way of keeping you around and putting out but not leaving its quite simple.

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