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How do GO transit fares work?

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    JJ's advice is mostly correct, except that the zones are not concentric circles around the downtown area, as not all trips require you to go through downtown Toronto. The fare does increase with the distance you travel, but it doesn't directly depend on the number of zones you pass through.

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  • GO Transit fares can be quite confusing, but basically it works with a system of zones. Each zone represents a concentric circle around the GTA, starting with the downtown area, which would be zone 1, and so on. Your fare is calculated based on the number of zones you pass through. Your ticket is valid for either the train or bus, for the corridor(s) you bought a ticket for.

    The easiest way to figure out your fare, is to go to http://gotransit.com/publicroot/en/fares/fndfare.a... , put in your starting point and destination, and it will automatically calculate your fare.

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