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Need help with fiend deck?

i am running an archfiend deck and it is very powerful, the only problem is that i cant get monsters out fast enough since none of the archfiends have special summoning capabilities. please tell me what i should take out and add in to make this deck faster and able to compete with todays blackwings and lightsworns


1x skull archfiend of lightning

3x shadowknight archfiend

3x terrorking archfiend

1x marshmallon

2x infernalqueen archfiend

2x desrook archfiend

1x darkbishop archfiend

1x spear cretin

1x prime material dragon

1x archfiend soldier

1x wicked dreadroot

1x breaker the magical warrior

1x koaki meiru doom


2x pandemonium

2x shrink

1x field barrier

1x terraforming

1x monster reborn

1x mystical space typhoon

1x swords of revealing light

1x fires of doomsday

1x sword of deep seated


1x draining shield

1x waboku

1x dust tornado

1x magic cylinder

1x needle wall

1x solemn wishes

2x triggered summon

1x metal reflect slime

1x shift

i curently do not have another pandemonium or an extra heavy storm to spare so please dont reccomend to me. also do not recommend cards like mirror force or solemn judgement. the cards i am planning on adding in so far are dark necrofear and doom shaman but i need a way to make them alot faster

thank you

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    - 1x wicked dreadroot

    + Sangan

    - 1x field barrier

    - 1x sword of deep seated

    + Heavy Storm

    + Book of Moon

    - 1x needle wall

    - 1x solemn wishes

    - 2x triggered summon

    - 1x shift

    + 3 Bottomless Trap Hole

    + Torrential Tribute

    + Trap Dustshoot

    Source(s): 6 years of experience
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    A good fiend to add is Dark Ruler Ha Des, he's the man for a fiend deck. Too many stupid/random cards in your deck also.

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