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TEENS: Are you close with your parents?

^^ Explains it.

What parent are you closest to?

Do you hide stuff from them? If so, what?

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    I'm close with my father. I guess we could be closer, though. I don't know...our relationship is very frayed. We fight a lot, and then make up, and then fight over something again. He has a lot going on in his life, and I have a lot going on in mine, and I guess we don't know how to help each other too well. We're close, though. We do things together, we talk to each other, and we're civil with each other, and we love each other, but let's just say we could have a better relationship.

    I don't have a relationship with my mother, as she passed away when I was seven. I truly miss her, and I truly wish she were here, because if she were, I know that I wouldn't be screwed up, and she'd keep my entire family from clashing. It was what she did best. She was a family gal.

    Like most teenagers, I hide things from my dad. What do I hide? I hide things from my past that he deserves to know about, but that I can never find the guts to admit to doing. I sometimes hide alcohol or cigarettes from him, although that doesn't happen much anymore, as I'm trying my hardest to stray away from those kinds of things. I'm trying my hardest to tell him things, and to keep things in the open, because I know that that will be beneficial to both me and him instead of me keeping everything hidden away.

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    I used to.. I used to tell my mum like everything, and my dad quite a bit (but a little less because I see him less as he doesn't live with me).. I find it easier to tell him things though and hardly ever get mad at him lik eI do with my mum..

    Now I hardly ever tell them anything unless it is nessasary as they will go tell the other, or even worse my sister, and they will never stop going on and on about it.. then they twist things I say to make is all revolve around that one thing.. if only they knew all that I did.. ahaaa lol.

    I used to hide cigerettes from my parents (but I have quit smoking now so I don't have to..)

    I hide condoms (technically they are a friends - NO LIE. but she wont take them back...)

    And also alcohol.. :)

    I used to have a diary, but became too paranoid that someone was reading it and it consumed too much time, but while I did write one, it too was hidden.

    I also hide any texts from them and anything on facebook etc. :)

    I feel closest to my dad for some reason :\

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    I don't really know what to think about my parents anymore. My mother is so critical and judgemental. She wants to shape my family yo be perfect, but the truth is, we're not. My father works away from home up to four days a week, my sister and mother always fight and my poor younger brother just wants everyone to get along.

    For a long time when I was younger I felt I was worthless and no-one liked me. I've been gaining confidence since the start of high school and now I feel like I've built a better structure for myself. I'm so shy and I've tried to be more outgoing to be more approachable to people. But the moment my mother makes a comment about my clothes or my skin or my hair, it all comes crashing down and I feel so small. I feel like I fade away in my parent's eyes because they're so busy with my younger brother (he's autistic and he struggles with making friends) and my older sister (they're always shouting and arguing). There are days when my mother tries to bond with me, but I know she's using me to get back at my older sister. I used to love my mom so much, but no-one should ever have to have their confidence weakened by their own mother.

    I didn't mean to put a downer on it all :P Just answering your question.

    In short.

    "Which parent am I closest to?" i really couldn't tell you atm.

    "Do I hide things from them?" i suppose, I'm scared I'll be shot down.

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    Sadly, no.

    I used to be though. But over the years, my mom changed and went through a sort of midlife crisis. She lied about everything, got drunk all the time, cheated on my dad, and became physically and emotionally abusive towards me. And I finally just cracked- I couldn't trust her anymore. I was never close to my dad, so it was like my mom, the only person I could really confide in, wasn't there anymore.

    My parents got divorced and I live with my dad now. It's kind of awkward sometimes because I can't really talk to him. I don't hide things from either of my parents though.

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    I'm not close with either of my parents, I don't think I ever have been.

    I see my father like eight days per month if I'm lucky,

    My mother does nothing but ask me to do things and she pisses me off, all the time. Also, I'm never home, I'm always out with my best friends.

    I hide just about everything from them.

    I lost my virginity almost a year ago, and neither of them have a clue.

    oh well.

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    i'm much closer with my dad, he understands me more and trusts me. He expects the best from me not the worst and gives me space when i need it. I dont have to hide things from him because i know he can always help me for whatever i need.

    my mom : not so much, shes judgemental and critical of everything i do, she still treats me like i'm 4 and doesnt let me prove to her how responsible i can be but i wish it was better. some days are better than others though.

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    Me and my mom are working on repairing things. My dad lives in North Carolina but we are close. I don't hide things from either one of them.

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    uhm well im really really tight with my mom and okay with my dad. i tell my mom everything besides the obvious stuff like kissing your boyfriend. thats what u tlk bout with ur friends and not so much my dad. we can talk about anything including boys but not far into the subject haha. im a girl obviouslly and like 14.

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    not really

    i feel like i cant talk to my parents about my personal life with out it getting out to the whole family or them getting mad

    i guess theres a lot i hide from them mainly feelings

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    Yeah, me and my dad are really close. Im close with my mama too. I don't hide much from them, Im a pretty open person.

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