You are on final, What is procedure for each case?

Hi, pilots, I have some questions:

Your airplane is on final approach of runway 15, you are flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). You have to change for runway 33 because of the wind. What do you do? What is procedure?

Now, you are flying VFR (Visual Flight Rules), and again you have to leave the final of runway 33 because there is something on the runway. Then, what do you do? What is procedure?

What is difference between both procedures in your opinion? Where can I find about?


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    If you are flying IFR, you can fly an approach to one runway and "circle" to another runway. You will descend to the minimum altitude prescribed for circling and when you see the airport you will circle the airport and set up for landing on runway 15. If you lose sight of the runway at any time during the circle, you are required to carry out the missed approach. If you are already below the minimum circling altitude and you cannot land due to the wind, you can proceed with the missed approach or fly a traffic pattern, if the weather permits.

    In VFR, if you have to go around for something on the runway, you would fly a standard traffic pattern and try the landing again.

    The go-around is something every pilot is trained to do. If for any reason the landing is not going well, the pilot should go around. The circle to land is only learned by instrument rated pilots and it is only used under IFR. You could find more about these in the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Instrument Flying Handbook, or Airplane Flying Handbook, to name a few.

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