Help me shrink my Yu-gi-oh deck?

I now some of these cards are banned but I only duel with friends, so our rule is no more than 3 cards of each, but we still play with banned cards. So if you don't look at banned decks, don't answer. Otherwise, please rate my deck and give me some suggestions. For example, if you tell me to reduce it to 40 cards, tell me which cards should go. I win with this deck against my friends 90% of the time. Thanks!

Tribute Monsters

2x Dark Magician ==> main card

Summoned Skull=> easy tribute for high atk monster

Chaos Command Magician==> easy tribute for high atk monster

Magical Marionette=> lets me destroy spell and trap cards easily

Dark Eradicator Warlock=> wipes out opponent fast (1000 points of direct damage to opponent for each spell card played)

Non-Tribute Monsters

Magician of Faith x2 (easily brings back magic cards)

Apprentice Magician x2 (helps me get magician of faith or magical plant faster)

Royal Magical Library (good defense)

Skilled Dark Magician (bring out dark magician faster)

Breaker the Magical Warrior (can easily increase atk by 300 points and destroy magic and trap cards)

An Owl of Luck (bring out field card)

Gravekeeper's Guard (1900 defense, and has an effect like man eater bug)

Witch of the Black Forest x2 (brings out cards like summoned skull, magician of faith, magical plant, etc.)

A Cat of Ill Owen (lets me take out any trap card from my hand to top of deck)

Double Coston (can act as 2 tributes instead of 1, helps summon dark magician faster)

Blast Magician (easily lets me destroy high atk cards on opponent's field==> each magic card played means this monster gets a spell counter, when i remove the spell counters I can destroy a monster with 700 atk x the number of spell counters removed)

Sangan x2 (summon those low level spellcasters with good effects)

Magical Plant Mandragola (gives extra spell counters for cards like skilled dark magician to help summon dark magician)

Dark Blade (good atk)

Mystical Elf (good def)

Mask of Darkness (brings out a trap card from graveyard)

Gemini Elf (great atk)

Man-eater Bug (destroys monster) ***I don't have old vindictive magician

Penguin Soldier (returns 2 monster cards to the hand of the owner)

Nobleman-Eater Bug (destroys two monsters, one tribute, good for destroying powerful monsters)

Rapid Fire Magician (inflicts 400 pts of direct damage for each spell card played)

Spell Cards

Premature Burial (brings back graveyard monsters)

Black Pendant (increases atk of monster by 500)

Mystical Space Typhoon (destroys magic or trap card)

Mage Power (excellent equip card, 500 atk increase for each spell and trap card on my side of the field, potentially a 2500 increase in ATK!)

Magical Dimension x3 (i can tribute a weak spellcaster on my field to summon a dark magician from my hand, then destroy an opponent's monster!)

Mystical Plasma Zone- Most of my monster cards are dark (about 2/3)

Axe of Despair (excellent equip card, 1000 Atk increase)

Spell Absorption (increases my life points by 500 for each spell card played)

Different Dimension Capsule x2 (lets me choose a card in my deck to remove from play, after 2 turns the card removed from play comes to my hand, easy to summon dark magician or dark eradicator warlock)

Lightning Vortex (destroys all my opponent's monsters)

Dark Magic Attack (destroys all my opponent's spell and trap cards when dark magician is on the field)

Malevolent Nuzzler (700 AtK increase)

Swords of Revealing Light (prevents opponent's monsters from attacking for 3 turns)

Change of Heart (lets me take an opponent's monster as my own for one turn, can use it as a tribute for a level 5 or 6 monster like summoned skull)

Trap Cards

Seven Tools of the Bandit (negates trap card activation)

Raigeki Break (destroys 1 card on the field)

Miracle Restoring (summons dark magician from my graveyard)

Trap Hole (destroys powerful monsters)

A Rival Appears (lets me easily summon powerful monsters without tribute when my opponent has one)

Magic Jammer (negates activation of magic card)

Pitch Black Power Stone (helps me put spellcoutners on skilled dark magician for faster summon of dark magician)

Call of the Haunted (brings back graveyard monster)

A Hero Emerges (when my hand is full of monsters i automatically get a free summon)

Ring of Destruction (destroys a monster and inflicts ATK of monster to each persons lifepoints, used when my opponent has a really low amount of life points)

Magic Cylinder (negates attack of opponent monster and inflicts damage to their lifepoints equal to attack of monster, great to use on powerful cards)

Waboku (damage i receive becomes 0)

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    OK, first off, your deck is really big. Here is my deck list. It contains around 40 cards and is built around your deck set. This deck heavily relies

    on spellcounters, with cards like Pitch Black Power Stones, and Dark Red Enchanter. So, here is the deck.


    2x Dark Magician

    1x Dark Red Enchanter

    1x Dark Eradicator Warlock

    1x Maiden of Macabre

    2x Apprentice Magician

    2x Old Vindictive Magician

    3x Royal Magical Library

    1x Skilled Dark Magician

    1x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

    1x Cat of ILL Omen

    1x Double Coston

    1x Blast Magician

    2x Rapid Fire Magician

    1x Magical Plant Mandragola


    1x Mystical Space typhoon

    3x Magical Dimension

    1x Spell Abroption

    1x Lightning Vortex

    1x Dark Magic Attack

    1x Swords of Revealing light

    1x Brain Control

    1x Scapegoat

    2x Allure of Darkness

    1x Nobleman of Crossout

    1x Monster Reborn

    1x Pot of Avarice

    1x OR 2x Secret Village of the Spellcasters


    2x Royal Decree

    3x Pitch Black Power Stone

    So, the main strategy, as I said, is too deal damage by activating spell cards, or through spellcounters. Another strategy is also to lock them down, with Royal Decree and Secret Village of the Spellcasters. First, you get out Royal Decree with Cat of iLL Omen's effect. Then you can try and use Magical Library's effect to draw Secret Village of the Spellcasters, while using Spell Absorption to gain health, and using Rapid Fire Magician to inflict damage.

    Best of luck!


    Source(s): My brain. "Thank you my brain." says body "Why your welcome body." says brain
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  • And I've told YOU either follow the RULES or STOP PLAYING. You'll get REAL help when you decide to obey the LAW.

    Here's an idea, why don't you take out the C RAP and the FORBIDDEN CARDS and then maybe I'll take you seriously. Some of these junk cards are beyond their one-card limit, meaning this piece of g ar bag e deck is straight up ILLEGAL.

    Time you peek up from your mom's basement and get with the PROGRAM JUNIOR. Until you decide to play by the RULES and follow the BANLIST, you will NOT be getting any REAL help on here.

    Try playing fair and square against your friends sometime and will SEE just how much you win WITHOUT your CHEAPness and LACK of RESPECT for the rules of the game.

    You and your deck = F AIL

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  • Nancy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    well, back in the hizzay when I used to play (and win many upon many tournaments), I had an Exodia based deck. I was fortunate to have 2 sets of all 5 pieces of Exodia. My strategy was to limit the deck to the BARE MINIMUM so I would be guaranteed to get all 5 in my hand and win automatically. I don't know much about the more recent generations, but perhaps you could put my strategy to use? gut rid of the unnecessary ones so you're sure to get the ones that will kick a** so you'll win every time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    replace waboku with enchanted javelin (when a opponnet attacks gain life points equal to the atacking monsters attack)

    also you might as well throw in a dark magician of chaos

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  • 1 decade ago
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