How Airplanes changed warfare in WW2?

Can u please list 5 ways in point form --- if u can think of 10 reasons ( good reasons there is a good chance u will get Voted as Best Answer ---------------

Im doing an essay on how airplanes changed warfare in WW2 so i need subtopics for my essay

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    -The main way that airplanes changed warfare was that it completely nullified any kind of fortifications as a protection against attack. For possibly a couple of thousand years ground defenses, i.e. forts, moats, huge walls, castles etc. could protect an army from attack. With the advent of airplanes and specifically bombardment from the air this was no longer true.

    -Warfare was also changed because "natural" barriers, like mountains, rivers, even oceans and distance, were no longer guarantees against attack.

    -Intelligence, in the form of aerial photography was tremendously enhanced by the use of aircraft. Troop placement, movement, strength could all be determined quickly and accurately by good reconnaisence photos.

    -Armies were forced to dedicate resources not just in men and materiel, but also R&D of new weapons to deal with the rising importance of protecting themselves from assault from above.

    -Fundamental strategies and tactics of battle that had been used for centuries were outdated virtually overnight. For instance, the Germans reliance on moving reserve panzer units quickly to try to repel the Allies advancing from the beachhead at Normandy was so hampered by ground attack aircraft that the strategy became completely useless.

    -One strategy of war that was altered almost beyond recognition involved moving large numbers of troops quickly to outflank one's opponent. For the first time it became possible to fly huge numbers of soldiers and equipment behind the enemies lines and drop them by parachute so that they had to fight in two directions. This had never been possible before.

    -The role of aircraft in the war against the U-Boat scourge of the North Atlantic cannot be overemphasized. As plane's ability to cover more of the ocean, as their range increased further and further from land, the U-Boats effective area shrank more and more. This translated into more and more supplies successfully making the trip from the U.S. to England.

    -Finally, advancements in aircraft carriers in the Pacific completely and irrevocably changed Naval warfare forever. No longer did warships "duke it out" with their big guns. Fleets of two opposing forces never saw one another while their aircraft attacked and sank each others' ships.

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    Those are all good answers it started a technology race like with Germany to see who could produce the first jet fighter it changed how troops were moved and deployed and the speed to which war could be brought but along with that came raids and fire bombings which destroyed a lot of stuff

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    New concepts, ie strategic bombing

    Taking the battlefield into the air

    Air supremacy was a must to win any battle, but air control is not equal to ground control.,

    This importance led to a high-tech war.

    Radar and technological advances saved lives and won battles. These were spin offs from air warfare.

    Civilians became targets and casualties increased.

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