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Who is the better wrestler, Shawn Michaels or the Undertaker + YWSE Impact results?

Match 1

IC champion vs X-division champion

Stewie vs PsychoDude

Great match here with both men showing high flying action. In the end, PsychoDude goes for a piledriver but Stewie reverses it into a back body drop. PsychoDude leans on the ropes for support and is hit with the 619 splash and goes for the cover. 1…2…3

Winner: Stewie

Match 2

Raven’s rules match

The Raven effect vs BCC

This match had a lot of exciting hardcore action. In the end, TRE is about to hit BCC with a Piledriver but BCC hits him with a vicious low blow. He then picks up a chair and smashes him in the face with it followed by the culture shock and covers him for the 1…2…3

Winner: BCC

Match 3

Tag team match

Rated RKO vs Zop and Silver Surfer

SS and Zop seem to have total control over this one. SS has RRJ held up in the ropes and clotheslines him to the outside. But just then, RKOLegacy comes out of nowhere and pushes Zop into SS knocking him out of the ring as well. When Zop turns around he is met by RKOLegacy who hits him with an RKO and covers him for the 1…2…3

Winners: Rated RKO

Match 4

Rohit vs RNW

Both men went into this match with determination. In a back and forth match, RNW goes for a huge dropkick but Rohit grabs RNW’s ankle in mid air and drops him into an ankle lock. RNW is left with no choice but to tap

Winner: Rohit

After the match, PHBK comes to the ring. Confused, Rohit stands there asking him what he wants. Then, out of nowhere, PHBK hits Rohit with Sweet chin music and walks away.

Match 5


In a well contested match, both men fought hard back and forth. Towards the end, PHBK had Y2J&HBK on the ground. PHBK begins to tune up the band for some sweet chin music but then out of nowhere, UJ hits PHBK with a vicious chair shot to the back.

Winner: PHBK by DQ

After the match, an irate Y2J&HBK chases UJ through the crowd while PHBK lays in pain in the middle of the ring.

Match 6


In another closely contested match, GSAE has E&C groggy in the corner. GSAE goes for a paydirt but out of nowhere, E&C reverses it into a Killswitch and quickly goes for the cover 1…2…3

Winner: E&C

Match 7

World Heavyweight championship

KOK (c) vs Matt

In a much anticipated match, Matt has a lot of anger built up inside from Smackdown and is looking to focus it on becoming the new World Champion. Both men took turns controlling the match. Towards the end, Matt gets the advantage on KOK and hits him with a vicious Swaggabomb. He goes for the cover 1…2 But then out of nowhere Clark jumps in the ring and picks Matt up for a huge F-U

Winner: Matt by DQ (KOK is still WHC)

After the match, Clark flees. All of a sudden, Evolution appears and begins to continue to beat on Matt. Then, out comes PHBK and Y2J&HBK run to the ring and a huge brawl ensued. But then MN makes his way to the ring. MN goes directly for PHBK and Y2J&HBK and hits them both with ferocious Chokeslam! With Matt, PHBK and Y2J&HBK down…Evolution celebrates in the ring, has MN joined Evolution!?


Cut a promo! :)

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    Excellent iMPACT. I think we did pretty well.

    Promo: Matt just got lucky that he hit me with the Swagga Bomb because i was distracted with my Royal Rumble title defense, but i was going to kick out of that weak finisher. A pathetic finisher that fits its owner. PHBK, you have absolutely NO chance in that ring against ME!!! I am the greatest superstar in YWSE and Evolution is the greatest faction in YWSE history. We are the past, present, and the future. Many of you idiots are probably wondering why MN helped me and the reason is that he was sick of seeing idiots like you and worthless superstars in the back who have no talent. He wanted to join the best of the best The King of Kings. PHBK, you have never beaten me in any match possible and I'll make sure you pay dearly for what challenging me for the championship. Until you beat ME, YOU ARE NOTHING! The King will stay on his throne after the Royal Rumble. Bow Down to the King of Kings, THERE'S ONLY ONE!

    Note: This promo is for kayfabe purposes and means no disrespect to any user.

    WQ: Shawn Michaels

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    Great Show 10/10

    Promo: Y2J&HBK, Like I Said On Countless Occasions Before, Your Time Will Come, And These Are Just Little Signs of The Pain And Agony That Will Soon Turn Out To Be A Living Hell! You have Angered Me Enough, And You Have Gotten Me Mad Enough! Just Wait Y2J&HBK, A Change Is Coming In YWSE, A Change ThatNo One Is Expecting, A Change That Will Allow Me To Reign Supreme! So Ask Yourself The Question, "Are You Ready For The Single Worst Beatdown Of Your Career?"

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    Shawn Michaels he is much more exciting than The Undertaker.

    Great Impact Great Job 9/10

    Promo: See Rated RKO always goes out to the ring and we do exactly what we say...We are the greatest to ever compete in YWSE...let alone on this worthless show, Impact is pathetic to still have Evolution thinking that they are the top superstars...haha...I laugh at such a statement....The only superior superstars in YWSE are Rated R Jerichoholic and Me rkolegacy....All of you people saw it tonight we won our match and still are on top Zop and Silver didn't stand a chance against us....It all ended with a swift RKO and the 1...2...3...They might think they measure up but tonight we showed all of you that we are still the best tag team in YWSE...*Raises Tag Title In the Air*....This is true greatness all of you people respect us!!!

    Source(s): You Just Got RKOwned
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    I'm not on YWSE but it looks like a good show.

    Anyway, for the WQ, Shawn Michaels. He's more complete as a performer. Undertaker does have a handicap there because he is 300 pounds, and his gimmick doesn't allow much flashy stuff, but Michaels is the one that gets over with me, with his classic matches, in-ring performances, and overall charisma. Taker has better moves, but he can't do PPV classics and great TV main events like HBK still can at his age.

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    Great iMPACT with lots of back and forth action. I give it 10/10.!!


    My YWSE debut was a success and now I can show the world the true wrestling abilites i posess.

    Gold Standard,I left you a broken man in the ring, I did exactly what I came to this business to do,.. And That is to Prove a point. I did exactly what I said i'd do, your overconfidence killed you my friend.

    (Steps away from ring talking)

    "You fans are biased while watching wrestling, you boo for who you are supposed to, you boo actual wreslting talent and cheer for the weak"

    "And That brings me too my goal, yes well my goal is simply to expose you biased fans to what you really are- YOU ARE MANIPULATIVE PUPPETS!!!!!!!!

    (Walks away smiling)

    And to answer the BQ I would say HBK is the better wrester.

    Source(s): E & C >>>>>>>>>>>>> GSAE and All Fans- Peeps are superior!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I finally ended my losing streak and I did it against a guy in which I have a great rivalry with. I'm sure it's not over between me and Raven but I came out the better man this time. Maybe that's because I am the better man. I had things clouding my vision like my role in Evolution and my push overall here in YWSE but that's all behind me now. I'm back on track and back to being that cocky son of a b!tch that I am. The living, breathing modern marvel is back and I AM STILL AWESOME!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    10/10 great show


    And so the deed is done I have joined Evolution and Evolution shall rise to the top of this business. You all may be wondering why I would want to join Evolution..its simple they know exactly what they are doing, they actually win matches and back up what they say. Now they have me on their side..beware YWSE it is Evolution's time and we will create chaos

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    The Undertaker

  • Rohit
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    1 decade ago

    Better wrestler-->HBK hands down


    "PHBK u coward u think u can break my spirit with one or two sweet cheap music huh than know what next time PHBK I ll be the one who will leave the ring on his feet....next time I ll make sure that u will stay at home for a long long time or even worse

    Its true,its damn TRUE"

  • D4L™
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    WQ: My picture says it all. . .

    Great iMPACT. Great results and surprises. 9/10


    You know what? Fu** this. I've had it. Ever since I joined this company, I've been in stables, thinking that was the way my career would go up. Now I can see I was wrong. Frontline, MOD, they did nothing for me. They dragged me down, held me back from achieving my true potential. I sever all ties with any stable. From now on, I'm going at this alone. I will achieve greatness all by myself and no one better get in my way.

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