have any wording ideas on a "movie premiere" wedding invitation?

I am attempting to make my wedding invitations sound like a movie premiere and need some creative ideas on the wording ...

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    Make the invites look like movie tickets then just follow the same format they follow.

    John Smith and Jane Doe starring in "A Wedding for Two"

    3 o'clock showing at the Gillford Church on Sunset Street

    Etc, etc.

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    Movie Premiere Invitation Wording

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    5 years ago

    Believe it or not, such parties are STILL 'receptions' ... and it's quite proper to hold them BEFORE the wedding if the newly married couple is going to be leaving the country for several weeks (months being even longer, this works, too). You can NOT 'introduce' the couple as being 'married' but when you write the invitation you word it basically the same, but with the woman's name first, the man's name second, and you state that this is a 'pre-wedding' reception. Most people will want to give wedding gifts, and some will want to take them to the reception, while others will 'send them' to where the new couple will be living AFTER the wedding, or to her parents house ... but you should NOT 'mention gifts' on the invitation ... however, when people respond (I trust you will have an RSVP) you may state the couples preferences when asked about gifts.

  • 1 decade ago

    With Jane smith as The Bride

    And John Jones as The Groom

    (maybe include pictures next to each sentence)

    See the 2 tie the knot in

    Their Wedding

    Showing: date



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  • 1 decade ago

    Watch X and Y walk the white carpet.

    After which you would be able to watch the exclusive premiere showcasing of "X Weds Y".

    Dont miss this white carpet wedding.

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