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Why did Canadians believe that their main political parties caused the great depression?

Hey plz help me

Why did any Canadians believe that the government in Canada had caused the great depression in Canada.

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    Canadians say lots of silly things. They are kinda like Brits who know how to speak English.

    For example, I knew a Canadian guy who said he invented Rush. I thought he was talking about the energy drink, but he actually meant the rock band Rush. He says he did it in his "garage while huffing gas in the late 70's eh."

    Well, needless to say, I was skeptical. So I looked into it and sure enough, he did not invent Rush, instead he invented Loverboy! And for this reason, I will never trust another Canadian for as long as I live. In fact, I prefer to pay full price on air fares and hotels rather than listen to that ******* Captain Kirk!

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    This was long before the age of globalization. Most goods used were made locally; virtually nothing came from Japan (there was no Japanese auto industry yet), China (which had very little industry), or India/Pakistan (most clothing was made at local mills). Since signs of trade were not fully visible, most Canadians could not believe that external events could have a great impact upon them.

    Even if some Canadians did not believe their political parties caused the Depression, these parties got much blame for how they dealt with it--and in fact, probably that was the main issue in the political parties' popularity.

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    I'm not sure that they did. They blamed the government for not doing enough to solve the problems of the depression. To the extent that people thought the government was responsible it was because people did not understand the underlying economic causes.

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