Math 30 Probability 10 POINTS!!!?

Childrens meals are being prepared for a large gathering. There is an equal number of chicken,hamburger,and fish meals. Each meal comes with a tpy: ball, a parachute toy, or a frisbee. There are twice as many balls as Frisbees and an equal number of parachutes and Frisbees.

Dertermine the probability that a meal consits of chicken or fish and comes with a ball.

I dont know where to start, cuz im taking summer skool at home and teaching i just need an example (detailed) on where to start and where id go on i really just need help with STEPS...thanksss

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    Chicken : Hamburger : Fish

    Ball : Parachute : Frisbee

    2 chicken, 1 fish ; 1 fish, 1hamburger.

    Your probability is

    2 : 1 : 1

    your probability of getting a ball is 2 out of 4 items,

    so it is 1/2

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    2/3 (number of chicken and fish meals over total) x1/2 (number of balls over total. It actually is 2/4 but is reduce.) =2/6 1/3

    What you need to do is find the probability of each event by putting the favorable outcome over the total outcomes and multiply them together.

    The answer is 1/3.

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    probability = 50%

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