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Which of these shuttle drop off locations is closest to the Rogers centre.?

How can I get to Roger's centre from the drop?

These are the drops:

Bond Place

Bus Terminal

Delta Chelsea Inn

Fairmont Royal York

Hilton Hotel

Hyatt Regency Toronto on King (Canadiana Backpackers Inn)

Intercontinental Hotel

Metropolitan Hotel

Sheraton Centre - 123 Queen St.

Strathcona Hotel

Westin Harbour Castle


Is the walk down front st long? Is it doable dragging a suitcase?

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    The Royal York. The shuttle drops you off at Union and York, the western entrance to the hotel.

    Then walk west (toward the C.N. Tower. Rogers Centre, formerly called Skydome, is at the base of the tower.)

    If it's raining, you may even walk most of it inside by going downstairs inside the hotel, crossing under the street to Union Station (old door say TO TRAINS) and then upstairs to a walkway.

    If it were me, even though I live here, I'd go into "The Grand Hall" at Union Station because the room is so huge and amazing.

    ***added later: Yes it's quite do-able dragging a suitcase and if you don't believe me, ask the bus driver which one is closer.

    I would stick to Front Street and if you're interested, pop into Union Station upstairs sometime. It's also your nearest GO Train and Subway Station. Enjoy your visit.

    See the map if you like.

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    I would say The Hyatt Regency Toronto on King is a close drop off to the Rogers Centre. Just head west on King Street and then go south on Blue Jays Way and it's right there. It would take about a 7min walk to ge there.

    The Fairmont Royal York is also another close stop, just head west on Front street, pass the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Canadian Broadcasting Centre (CBC) and you'll see it. It should take about 13mins. The Bus Terminal at Union Station should be about the same since it's right in front of the Fairmont Royal York.

    Is it doable with a suitcase? Depends how much you're carrying and what kind of shoes you have on. If your suitcase has wheels, use them.

    I guess an alternative would be the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel and Residences on 318 Wellington Street West - IF that's the right Metropolitan Hotel because the other one on Chestnut Street is really far. Just head down on Blue Jays Way and it's right there, should be a 5min walk. This is the closest drop, if not then the Hyatt Regency Toronto.

    Hope that helps!

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    The Royal York is a short walk along Front Street.

    Strathcona is about the same.

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