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Why Didn't The Jays Trade Halladay For Holliday......??

The jays staff is always saying they need a good fielding and hitting left fielder. So I don't understand why there trying to trade a pitcher (halladay) for another pitcher (happ). Ya he's younger but why. Also if they got Holliday, he could be there # 4 hitter right there. Then you could get rid of rios or wells right? Tell me what you think.

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    If they would've done that trade, neither team would've really received any prospects. The reason they trade for prospects is because they want to win in the future, they just don't think they can do it now. Yes Holliday would help the Blue Jays offense but losing Halladay and not receiving any pitching for him would just hurt. They would lose a #1 starter and have to look in their own farm system for someone who could possibly fill a starting role position.

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    Might have been a good trade. The Jays are looking for prospects, like Happ from the Phillies. If that trade had gone down, one or two prospects from the Athletics( who don't have many) and Holliday would be the deal, plus cash(2 million and up)

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    Because they want prospects for the future, I would take what the Jays have, Adam Lind, of even Travis Snider over Holliday, they are younger, and Lind is proving that he can be the same, and nearly a better hitter.

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    The simple answer is Holliday is nowhere near the player Halladay is

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    good idea if the jays can get another prospect in the deal then id do that

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