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Name a pistol. Need sugestions to what ones i should try.?

not rly hunting just couldn't find much place else to post it.


ok so yea i'm generally new at this. I need a good pistol, auto or not is no issue, id rather it be fully metal not plastic however i am in need of one that will feel like a extension of my arm, not like i'm holding some toy, or some heavy *** piece of ****. just give me some ideas, going out to try some where i just have to pay for the amo. I would rather not spend 5 hours, and have to keep paying for more time and amo, when i would rather go buy the gun, and go get a hunting permit and just set up beer cans, or some kinda target ect and practice ( not a big hunter but good place to practice ur aim with no complaints.

Update 2:

pref not a revolver, and yea... currently taking classes on assembling a gun ect, i would actually love to know what mk..... and numbers ect normally mean, think of me as a moron that doesn't know much accept for how to actually use a gun, fire it, saftey ect, but name, and how to assemble and disassemble a gun i am still learning.

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    I know you didn't want anything with the synthetic frame, but I am here to tell you to go out and try a Springfield XD or XDM in either the 40 S&W or the 45 ACP. These are very nice firearms. They come with everything you need except ammo. Nice hardshell case, holster, 2 magazines and magazine holster. My son has the XD 40 S&W Sub-Compact and I have the 45 ACP Compact. Not a problem out of either of these. They will eat any ammo put into it.

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    you make it tough, first you say any firearm, then you say no polymer (what you call plastic) and then say no revolvers. You are very new to firearms, and yet you seem to have some pre conceived ideas. Also, you say you want a pistol (auto or not) well a pistol is semi auto, a revolver is not. which is it you want for sure?

    No one can name the perfect firearm for you. It is a question of giving your wants and needs, rather than the general non helpful answers you used, like not a toy gun etc.

    What caliber do you want?

    is it for target only?

    target and hunting?

    self defense?

    what is your price range?

    do you want a semi auto or a revolver?

    do you have any training in clearing the many types of stoppages that occur in a semi auto?

    Plus, you can't seem to spell correctly, so I am wondering how old you are?

    Classes on assembling a gun? What the heck does that mean?

    Look, if you are wanting simple revolver or even a semi auto for target practice, get one chambered in .22LR. You can even put meat on the table with it by hunting squirrels and rabbits.

    If you want something simple, low cost, that can be used for target and self defense, get a revolver with a 4" barrel chambered in either .38 spcl or .357 magnum.

    If you want a semi auto, again, we need to know what caliber and it's exact useage before we can give a better answer, and whether you want to or not, in the end, you HAVE to spend the time and sometimes money, to be able to shoot different firearms to see what fits your hand, your needs, and your budget.

    Sorry I can't give a better answer, but if you give a little more detail on what you want, instead fo what you don't want, I'd be glad to offer some advice.

    shoot safe

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    This one is plastic but its a great gun FNP S&W 40 caliber. Cost me 600 came with 3 clips the clips hold 14 and 1 in the chamber so 15. Practice ammo was 20 bucks for 50 and home defense was 20 bucks for 20

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    Since you're new at this, you should get a .22 LR handgun. Ammo is dirt cheap, and has no recoil. The Ruger Mar II and Mark III guns are fantastic.

    If you prefer a revolver, look into the Ruger Single Six. They come with an extra cylinder to shoo .22 mag if you like, which has a bit more power.

    Something like a .40 cal is not for a beginner. Ammo is costly, and it will give your hand a good spanking if you put 50 rounds through it in a day.

    Source(s): Be safe, have fun.
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    Sig makes an excellent metal frame pistol. Some gun shops actually sell re-furbished LEO turn in's for about $550. Otherwise around $800.

    Taurus make a low to medium cost metal frame pistol, Their 900-100 series (lifetime warranty). 909, 911, 917, 940, 945, 92, 99, 100, 101.






    Look at this sight-

    click on "guns"

    then "by caliber"

    choose a caliber and click.........

    they show most handguns currently available.

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    If you are just looking for something to plink with, I would suggest a .22 auto. Both Ruger and Browning make fine semi-auto pistols and you won't go broke shooting .22lr ammo.

    If you want something more substantial. I recently bought my first polymer frame handgun after avoiding it for the past 25 or so years. I purchased a Springfield XD subcompact 9mm. I bought it primarily for concealed carry/self defense. Others have mentioned .40 and .45 but ammo for them right now is a bit pricey and .45ACP is downright vulgar.

    I have found my XD to be a real pleasure to shoot. If the full sized XDs are as nice as my subcompact, I would have no qualms about owning one.

    Source(s): Capt USMCR (Ret) Concealed carry 19+ yrs.
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    Go for a Sig Sauer P225, all metal, aside from grip panels, Very dependable firearm.. For a fair price, around $400

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    Try an XDm, it is perfect.

    it truely does feel like an xtencion of ur arm.

    it is plastic, but it doesnt feel like a toy, i dont c y u dont like plastic, it is light and feels soooo good, and has interchangeable back straps 2 custom fit UR hands.



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    If you looking for a full metal non revolver firearm i would go with a 1911. springfield, kimber, and smith and wesson make so great 1911's

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