I need ideas for a third "date"?

I should explain first why I'm calling it a third "date" in quotations. I met this girl a while back last semester in college. Three weekends ago, we both went out to an amusement park, just casually as friends. We had a great time together, our personalities hit off perfectly. We had dinner afterwards. Just before I dropped her off, I asked her out on a date and she said yes. The following Tuesday I called her and asked her out that coming Saturday; however, she confessed to me that she had just got out of a long-term relationship and didn't want to go into another right away. We agreed to take it slow. She was busy that weekend, but the following week she called me and asked what I was doing that Saturday night. We ended up hanging out together at my apartment watching a movie, drinking, etc. I didn't entirely flirt with her that much, but we talked alot and had alot of fun together. I didn't want to push her too much in case she doesn't feel ready. She told me she had a great time and asked me what I'm doing this week. I'm trying to think of ideas now for what we should do the 3rd time we meet.

I also need advise as to whether I should start flirting more, or if you think it might be too early in case she's not ready yet. I'm kinda walking a fine line here because I'm almost positive she likes me and I certainly like her, but I don't want to come on too strong and scare her off if she's not ready. I don't have any experience really with this type of situation (girl coming out of a long previous relationship)

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    I think the easiest way to get around a girl's mind is with some good humor. It really lightens up the mood and the situations have a less serious feeling to it.

    I would go for a picnic or go to watch a show like theater or comedy club. It is a good alternative to show that first above everything is your friendship. I think there is no better way to approach a situation than being direct to smooth. Show her that you have a really good time with her. Then you can joke around with the idea of wanting to flirt with her. A fun way is asking her directly "Tell me when you want me to turn on my irresistible charm" (don't sound snooty) or "My flirts are waiting for your permission to speak". It's a subtle way to show her that you would like to show her more than your friendship but you want her to feel comfortable enough. It will show her your better half, that normally is appealing.

    Good luck, I hope this helps ;)

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