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What's Whistler (in BC) like?

I want to know what Whistler is like.

Plz add lots of details!!!!!!!


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    i live in BC and been to Whistler many times..

    It's a beautiful place and there are lots of things to do --

    snowbaording/skiing in the winter time

    nature hiking, swimming, skydiving, bungee jumping during, summer/spring

    wheather is great during the summer time too!! we are having a heat wave right now!!

    lots of cute shops and restarants around whistler village

    beautiful natural has everything you want --

    whether you are looking to relax by the pool or to enjoy the great outdoors and seize life -- Whister has it all!!

    plus the 2010 Winter Olympics is coming to BC in Feb 2010, so there will be lots of things going on in Whistler -- olympic games and shows

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    Well, Whistler is, of course, known for it's skiing as well as other winter activities and will be the host for the outdoor events of the 2010 Winter Olympics with the indoor events held in Vancouver.

    Whistler is a combination of several "villages" with the oldest being Creekside, the original village area. These days it is mostly a residential area however there are a couple of restaurants located there and several hotels. It recently went through a series of renovations and several more businesses were added, you will also find the railroad station here. There is a gondola available there for skiing in the winter and you can walk the village trail (4 to 4 km), take the bus, or drive to the main village.

    The main village area, or what people think of as Whistler today is actually comprised of three sections, Whistler Village, Whistler Village North, and the Upper Village or Benchlands. In Whistler Village you will find a variety of restaurants, clubs, accomodations, and small shops. Whistler Village North also has a variety of accomodation, restaurants and stores along with the only McDonalds and 7-11 in Whistler. There is no real dividing line between the two and both are very pedestrian friendly with the main "streets" reserved for people, not vehicles.

    The Upper Village or Benchlands has a variety of accomodation, townhomes, and some high end houses (at least price wise) as well as the Wizard chair lift up to Blackcomb Moutain which runs during the summer as well. Of course you will also find several restaurants and small shops here as well and a lounge or two in the various hotels.

    Whister Village contains several seasonal lifts to Blackcomb as well as the Gondola to Whistler Mountian which runs a good part of the year. There are also chairs active during the summer for those interested in mountain biking. Of course at the top of the Village Gondola, or the Wizard Chair, you will find the new Peak to Peak Gondola which runs between Whistler and Blackcomb mountians.

    During the summer you will find a variety of activities available in the Whistler area including:

    Swimming (Lost Lake and others)




    White Water Rafting


    Mountain Bike Riding

    ATV's and 4WD expeditions


    and others......

    Of course in the evening you can take in a movie, go to a restaurant and follow that up with a night at a local club or lounge.

    One note, although I call them hotels, accomodation in Whistler varies from your standard hotel to bed and breakfasts and condo type accomodation which may include a full kitchen and other facilities.

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    nice ski slope but DONT GO TO IT!!! I cannot stress this enough! During the 2010 olympics the place will be a basketcase. it will be overcrowded, expensive and the snow is downright awful at the bottom of the mountain. I would reccomend a slope in central western bc such as silver star, big white, sun peaks, and kimberly. Once i waited in a lift line for 1.5 hrs in hot sweaty ski gear.

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    Go after the Olympics like a year after, if you really want too go to Big white or silver star, they are not nearly as amazing but you won't be waiting for hours to move.

    Heres a few pictures

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    go to hellobc and tourimwhistler

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