What´s meaning of PULL UP?


I was flying VFR and close to land in the runway 27 when the controller asked me: “PULL UP, straight ahead after 1500 feet turn left to traffic pattern, report downwind leg runway 27.”

What does the controller want? You know? Where could I find about PULL UP?


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    The act of pulling an aircraft's stick or yoke back toward the pilot raises the plane's pitch (i.e., raises the nose). In other words, a pilot "pulls up" to go up.

    (That, of course, assumes sufficient power, since ultimately it is power, and not pitch, which controls an airplane's altitude. Increasing the pitch -- pulling up the nose -- with insufficient power will eventually cause the plane to stall, in other words, to go down -- violently -- rather than up.)

    In any event, what happened here is that the local controller (known informally as the "tower controller") had some reason to ask you to execute a go-around; perhaps there was another plane which had not cleared the runway in time (for example, a plane which has just landed but did not exit onto a taxiway as quickly as the local controller expected, or perhaps a plane which had been cleared to takeoff but for some reason was still on the runway.) The controller was telling you to climb (rather than continue your descent to landing) and fly runway heading during your climb up 1500 feet, and then enter the traffic pattern again to start your landing pattern from scratch.

    Needless to say, if this instruction caused you the slightest confusion, I hope this is something you encountered on a flight simulator game and not in real life!

    As an aside, some aircraft have a ground proximity warning system (GPWS) with a recording which announces "WHOOP WHOOP, PULL UP PULL UP" when it detects an excessive descent rate or the ground approaching too closely. You may sometimes hear this recording from the cabin, usually when the pilots test the system prior to takeoff.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you kidding me? How the heck do you not know this?

    Every student pilot learns this on their first lesson flight.

    It means to pull BACK on the yoke therefore raising the elevator or stabilator on the airplane's tail which in turn raises the nose of the aircraft. This causes the aircraft to climb, so you fly UP and away from the ground.

    This would make sense if ATC wanted you to go around and continue in the pattern rather than continue descending and landing.

    How can you be flying and NOT know this? Basic flying 101.

    Source(s): I'm a commercial pilot
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  • pull up means to pull up gain altitude you should know what that's means hope you are not flying a real plane you would crash. don't become a real pilot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you have to ask what "pull up" means while FLYING then I suggest you never..ever bother trying to actually learn to fly.

    ....it means fly higher btw...


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