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Please Help Me!!!!!!!!?

Hey guys! I know this is the wrong category but everywhere else i just get spam and you have always been so helpful in the past!

So tomorrow im going to hand out resumes and i was wondering if you could tell me exactly what to say.

In previous posts ive been told to introduce myself to a random employee and shake their hand before asking to speak to the manager but that just seems a little weird. I know i would be weirded out if that was me people were coming up to! Would it be appropriate to just go to the counter and ask to speak to the manager (politely of course)?

Also, what would i say to the manager if im not sure if they are hiring? Would i introduce myself and ask if they are hiring first or would i just introduce myself and ask if i could leave a copy of my resume with them?

I know im seriously over thinking this but i tend to panic about situations i cannot control and ive never applied for a job before in person so the more i could learn beforehand would be better!

Thanks in advance!

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    First things first, calm down. When you go to hand out resumes, you want to look, act, and feel professional. Take a few deep breaths before going in.

    When you go in, find an employee and ask to speak with a manager. When you get to the manager, introduce yourself and ask if you could leave a copy of your resume. If they say yes, hand it over, say thank you, and leave. If they say no, say thanks anyway and leave. Don't wait around and see if they are hiring or not.

    Finally, dress professionally. No shorts, jeans, tee shirts, sandals, etc. The best way to dress is in a pair of classy pants, black or khaki with nice close toed shoes. A nice polo or button down shirt will finish off the look. Comb your hair off your face and don't wear much (if any) jewelry. Simple earrings are nicest and all that's needed.

    Good luck tomorrow!

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    In regards to approaching an employee, I would leave out the handshake. It's perfectly acceptable to simply ask to speak with a manager. You should shake hands with the manager, but shaking hands with a lower-level employee is trying just a wee bit too hard.

    If you aren't sure they're hiring, just ask. If they are, then ask to leave a copy of your resume/fill out an application.

    Don't worry yourself too much. It's a stressful situation, but managers are used to people asking about employment opportunities. Don't sweat it.

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    yes just ask to speak to the manager. say something like you were wondering if they were in today and would love to just take a moment of their time. then when you are speaking to the manager introduce urself with a good handshake and say that you werent even sure if they were hiring but you just wanted to drop off ur resume just incase and so they would have one on file and you wanted to meet with them (the manager that is) personally so they could put a face to the name on the resume. make sure you thank them for their time and smile the whole time.

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    well, i cant say im the best at this, but i think you should just go up and ask whoever is at the counter if they are hiring and if so, can you see the manager... its not that hard. i would say "Hi, is there any chance that you are hiring here?" or just kind of go up and casually say are you hiring? thats the best way to go i think

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    Ask for the manager politely and when he comes out say this, "Excuse me, i'm sorry to take up your time, but I was wondering if you had a spot for hire?" Seems polite and to the spot to me. Oh yeah, This is irrelevant, but if you have the time and if you ever used Ebay before, can you tell me what kind of things you've sold on it? I need some extra cash and I'm curious of what to sell. Email me at, thanks.

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