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Paul Mitchell The School?

I'm very interested in attending a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology college.

I'm only going to be a junior in high school this year, but I want to have a head start on colleges.

I've seen a couple I really like, but I want to get some information on them in the mail. The only thing is I can't find any website or anything that will send me any info in the mail.

Does anyone know where I can sign upp to get information on them in the mail? :)

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    Um, at their website. Which is the very first hit that comes up if you Google "Paul Mitchell schools." Here's the link to contact them and get information.

    Also, be aware that even though they call them "colleges," this is not a traditional four-year undergraduate program; this is a vocational/technical school offering a 15-month cosmetology course (if you go full time) from which you will graduate with a cosmetology license; I don't know if you earn a degree.

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    Stay in school so you can get your diploma, because you can't get any job without having at least a high school diploma.

    I know you want to get a head start, but while you're in school, try doing jobs that use some of the Cosmetology skills you might learn at Paul Mitchell. That way you'll be experienced and basically have a head start AND have your diploma.

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    This dosen't merely decide for Paul Mitchell college, yet for all faculties...yet once you bypass right into a Cosmetology college, Your trusting your hair withTraining scholars, who're not yet authorized. they are going to be watched over by capacity of authorized instructors, nevertheless...yet once you do have confidence the scholars, Then it somewhat is merely like going into the different Salon.

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