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What would an appropriate price be to sell good pokemon cards?

I am selling Ex's and good non-ex pokemon cards. What do you think would be a reasonable price to sell them at?

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    Depending on the condition, you could sell them at low prices, maybe $5-10.

    And how dated the card is. The longer ago it was made, the higher the prices will get. Unless the corners are bent.

    Most likely, if your card says 'Pocket Monsters' on the backside instead of 'Pokemon', you could sell for a moderate price. Especially if it's a Light/Dark card.

    For Example, I've just found a Rocket's Entei Ex for about $13, no shipping price included. It doesn't say Pocket Monsters on the back, and yet it's a high price.


    Because the type is dark and it's an Ex card.

    Plus, Entei is a rare Pokemon.

    That sums it up.

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    Unless you have the original Base set Charizard (120 hp fire spin 100 damage) in first edition then sell them as quick as you can. As a Pokemon player I can safely assure you that the older cards (with the exception of charizard) will lose their value as the years go by simply because other players have no use for them as the new ones keep getting stronger and stronger. Probably one of the reasons why Base Set Charizard is still good is because is that it can still be considered a good card today. Rumors are base Set first edition or Base set 2 first edition charizards can be sold for up to $200 on ebay.

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    depending on how many 20 dollars or higher or lower in increments of 10 dollars. How many are rare and/or holographic? This is an important factor as well as general condition of the cards.

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    You can check the current running prices at

    There is a list with all pokemons there.

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    If they are old, in good condition, and rare, then you can get at least $5 per card.

    But judging by the way you describe yours, maybe 50 cents per card?

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